Big data means new opportunities

Big data and new technologies are opening up new opportunities. Ideas that we have hardly dared to dream about are now becoming reality. Capturing, storing, and analyzing truly massive volumes of data in various forms is now possible with the advance of new and cheaper technologies, such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases. Every organization should be thinking about leveraging these new tools to get the most of their data and become a data-driven business.

Big data warehousing

Today it is not unusual to keep a 10-year history of banking transactions, read and store energy consumption via smart meters every 10 minutes, or store all your website traffic logs. This capability, at a very reasonable cost, is enabling major shifts in traditional businesses—or establishing completely new business models.

Many companies and other organizations have incorporated big data into their daily operations; typically those who were established as a “data-driven business” from the start. Traditional organizations—even those with mature data warehousing and analytical function—might encounter barriers to the huge potential of new big data ideas.

From ETL to big data

Ataccama platform has a substantial ETL-like functionality competing with major vendors, such as Informatica, IBM, Oracle, etc. However, our positioning and marketing messages have been different—we focused on Data Quality, Master Data Management, and Data Governance. With the big data market and Hadoop as our native execution environment, we believe it is now time to extend the positioning to Ataccama being a data integration and processing platform for Hadoop.