Build a Data-Driven Organization

Get clean, reliable data from any domain, provide it within your organization, and create new data-driven products and services.

Build a Data-Driven Organization

Create business value from clean data

Good, “treated” data is clean, accurate, consistent, and reliable—and is the data that fuels digital transformation. The Ataccama ONE data curation platform covers every step of your data journey, from profiling and cleansing to comprehensive data quality and MDM initiatives, transforming your data into actionable information for your organization.

All you need to achieve data excellence

Full-stack platform for actionable data

Good products and services need good data. Ataccama ONE is an integrated, modular platform for data management: discover, profile, catalog, cleanse, govern, consolidate, master, and prepare your data, all in one platform. AI and smart algorithms will make life easier for your data stewards and data governance professionals.

Ingest and deliver data and metadata from any source

Ataccama ONE is a source-agnostic platform that can connect to most providers and sources of data and metadata. Easily join and combine data from web services, flat files, databases, or data lakes. Once your data is in good shape and actively taken care of, Ataccama ONE makes it easy to provide data to other applications and processes, as well as operationalize available metadata for automating and digitalizing processes.

Create value

When analysts, data stewards, and managers have instant access to clean, structured data, they can turn it into actionable information. Teams within your organization can use this information to create business value: generate trustworthy and reliable analytics, create new products and applications, drive successful marketing campaigns, improve and automate processes, mitigate risk, protect privacy, and prepare regulatory reports with ease and confidence.

Expand and scale

With Ataccama, there is no limit to scalability. Enable metadata-driven transformation at all levels of your data-powered business: start with one module and expand as your needs or size change. Ingest data into a data lake or move your data process to the cloud. It's all possible out of the box with no custom coding and is truly metadata-driven.