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ONE AI empowers organizations with state-of-the-art technology to make their data management experience easier, faster, and more straightforward.


Data quality co-pilot

AI-Assisted Data Preparation

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Supercharge your teams to innovate faster

Smaller data team? No worries! With ONE AI's automation capabilities you can do even more with your current resources. Scale your coverage from a few manually maintained systems to the whole data landscape.

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Get buy-in across the whole organization

Shift from push to pull dynamics in data governance, as ONE AI reduces the burden of adopting new tools and processes. Encourage organic, organization-wide engagement, driving successful data initiatives with minimal overhead.

The most complete
AI-Powered data management

Ataccama ONE is the only AI-powered unified data management platform that covers the critical capabilities for data governance, data quality, and master data management.

AI-Powered data management platform
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Explore ONE AI Capabilities

AI-Driven Data Quality

Generate complex DQ rules from plain text, use automated suggestions to apply the rules at scale, and combine all this with rule-less Data Quality to cover both known and unknown issues.

Assisted Rule Management Anomaly Detection Freshness Monitoring
Assisted Rule Management
Assisted Rule Management
Assisted Rule Management
Anomaly Detection
Anomaly Detection
Anomaly Detection
Freshness Monitoring
Effortless Data Documentation
Business Terms Suggestions

AI-Powered Data Governance

Streamline the documentation and classification processes by leveraging ONE AI’s automation and free your users to focus on tasks with bigger added value.

Effortless Data Documentation Business Terms Suggestions

Assisted User Experience

Fully focus on the outcome and do not worry about technicalities. The new GenAI capabilities let users ask questions and query data using plain language.

Chat with documentation Text to SQL & SQL to text
Chat with documentation
Text to SQL & SQL to text
AI Matching proposals

Assisted Data Mastering

Streamline the workflow for your data stewards and allow them to resolve mastering proposals faster then ever.

AI Matching proposals

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All this is just the beginning

The data management in 2025+ will be fundamentally different from the data governance we know today. With the introduction of Generative AI, the possibilities are endless.

Explore the next improvements of ONE AI coming out in 2024.

DQ Copilot

Incorporate AI co-pilots and assistants into your data quality efforts to boost automation, confidence in data insights, and operational efficiency.

AI-Assisted Data Preparation

Elevate overall data quality with generative AI-powered data cleansing, remediation, and enrichment capabilities. Detect, correct and enrich data to improve decision-making, optimize processes, improve efficiency, and boost productivity.

Autogenerate rules from profiling

Simplify rule creation by generating validation rules from the automatically provided data profile. It can automatically create the rule based on the appropriate masks, expected string lengths, and non-null checks, among others.

ONE Expression interpretation

This tool is capable of summarizing and explaining complex expressions, and can also be utilized to generate detailed descriptions of rules.

Get insights about AI in data management


  • What does Ataccama use to power Ataccama AI?

    Ataccama integrates a private deployment of ChatGPT hosted on Microsoft Azure. This integration allows us to provide advanced natural language processing and conversation functionality, significantly enhancing the user experience.

  • Does Ataccama use customer data in AI modules?

    The majority of our features utilize metadata to provide suggestions. Using customer data is optional as the platform is fully configurable, and it only happens when a model needs data to provide better accuracy.

  • If I am already an Ataccama customer, will I need to purchase a new module to use the gen AI functionalities?

    AI functionalities come built into our existing Data Governance and Quality modules. Hence, if you are a DGQ customer, you will be able to access AI features without the need to purchase additional modules. You will, however, need to have access to the latest versions of our product to be able to unlock gen AI functionalities.

  • What security measures does Ataccama take to ensure the AI is safe?

    Ataccama takes various security measures to ensure the safety and security of its AI solutions, including its collaboration with ChatGPT in Azure. Some of these measures include:

    1. User Consent: Users allow which content can be used for AI features. All features can work only with metadata, and data is not required.
    2. Data protection: Ataccama ensures that the data used within their solutions is encrypted both in transit and at rest, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access.
    3. Access control: Ataccama utilizes strict access control mechanisms, such as role-based access control and authentication, to ensure that only authorized personnel can access and manipulate the AI system.
    4. Privacy compliance: Ataccama adheres to various privacy regulations and guidelines, such as GDPR, to protect user data privacy and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
    5. Network security: Ataccama employs robust network security measures, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, to protect against external attacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Who in my organization will benefit from AI-driven DQ?

    GenAI DQ simplifies a number of routine tasks and reduces the barrier to data usage, even among people not well-versed in data science. Considering this, any employee who needs data for their work will benefit from AI-driven DQ.

    C-Suite should consider AI-driven DQ for its ability to deliver wins more quickly and efficiently and move from defensive to offensive data management strategies.

    Data management professionals will be able to spend less time firefighting and more innovating without investing heavily in new resources, as AI will take care of routine data management tasks.