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What Is Data Quality and Why Is It Important?

Learn what data quality is, why it is important, what costs and risks bad data carries, and how you can get started with data quality today for free.


Viamedici and Ataccama Announce Technology Partnership

The combined Ataccama and Viamedici offering extends the Ataccama ONE Data Governance, Data Quality, and MDM offering with Enterprise Product…


Gartner Data & Analytics Summit: Managing Data at Speed with Humana

Watch this session to hear about Humana Military's experience on building an enterprise MDM implementation.


Automate the Delivery of High Quality Data with Active Metadata

Learn how to get started with data quality and how to automate & speed up the delivery of high quality data to anyone in your organization.


5 Proven Techniques For Successful Data Governance

Data Governance

Learn 5 useful techniques from our experts in Data Governance.


Data Lineage 101

In this partner webinar you'll learn the fundamentals of data lineage. From the challenges it addresses, to what to consider when getting started.


Reference Data Management Fundamentals: What It Is and Why It Matters

Reference Data Management

Reference data is data that defines the values that are used to classify and characterize other data. It is, in essence, the “What, Where, When, Who,…


Solutions Review's Data Demo Day

Watch the demo session to learn how fast you can get started with Data Catalogs and specifically, Ataccama.


Self-Driving Data Management to Overcome Regulatory Data Challenges for Financial Institutions

Watch this session to learn how to meet your data management requirements easily and automatically.


Essential Features of Data Catalogs

Data Catalog

Modern enterprises are data-driven, making effective data management one of the top priorities for companies. A data catalog is an essential part of…


Giving Voice to the Business Benefits of Data Quality

Watch this panel discussion to learn the key learnings that come with data quality & how your business can benefit from leveraging its data assets.


Lessons Learned on Data Management & Governance Journeys

Watch this panel of our data governance professionals from Cbus Super, ACC, and Australian Unity about lessons learned and recommended strategies for…


Next-Gen Data Management & Governance Practices

Watch Ataccama clients from T-Mobile, Avast, and Farm Credit discuss talk about modern data management challenges and best practices.


Practical Applications of AI and Automation in Data Management

Watch this deep dive to see firsthand how Ataccama uses AI to simplify data management while maintaining a whitebox approach and preserving full…


Moving Your Data Management and Governance to the Cloud

Watch this webinar to learn the best practices and functional components for successful data management and data governance in the cloud and hybrid…


Sir Tim Berners-Lee: How Data Privacy Impacts the Way Organizations Innovate

Watch this interview with the founder of the World Wide Web about using data in an ethical way while not hindering data-driven innovation.


Holistic Data Quality and Governance: Ataccama ONE Platform Highlights

Watch a flythrough of key innovations and capabilities in our automated data management & governance platform Ataccama ONE.


Data Visualization Tool: Tellstory

Learn how you can create engaging, visually appealing data stories with Tellstory, our new data visualization tool.


Data Quality

See how the automation in the new Data Quality Suite lets you get started with data quality in no time and effortlessly scale your solutions.


Data Catalog and Data Governance

Our Data Governance Suite automates data cataloging, metadata management, and data quality, and helps you get started with data governance easily.

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Essential Features of Data Catalogs

Modern enterprises are data-driven, making effective data management one of the…