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7 Principles of Success for Chief Data Officers

Data Governance

The path to success Chief Data Officer is veiled with ambiguity. In this article, we're cutting through the fog via seven principles for CDO success.

Analyst Research

The 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Master Data Management Solutions

Data Quality Data Quality

Download the report to learn Gartner’s perception of the strengths and cautions for individual data quality vendors, and see what makes Ataccama a…


How Gen AI Boosts Data Governance Initiatives

AI Thought Leaders AI Data Governance

Learn the benefits GenAI has for data governance.


CDO guide to communicating data governance value

Data Governance

Don’t stop at creating value through data governance for your organization—make sure they know about it! Follow this guide for communication best…


Top 4 Takeaways from the Gen AI Fireside Chat with OpenAI and T-Mobile

Learn about the most interesting topics from our latest AI event.

Success Story

Marti Group Success Story

Data fully managed, secure and in one place with Ataccama.


Gen AI: Transforming the Data Landscape Fireside Chat

Watch the captivating discussion that sheds light on the intersection of artificial intelligence, data trends, and real-world challenges.


How to Design UX for AI and Chat Assistants

Want to introduce an AI similar to ChatGPT for your company? Learn the do's and don'ts of designing user interfaces for AI and chat assistants here.


The Urgency of Consolidating Customer Data with MDM: Are You Facing These Critical Challenges and Missing Out?


Managing and securing customer data can be challenging. Learn how Master Data Management can help in this blog post.


Ataccama Announces Major Growth and Innovation Push, Names Mike McKee Chief Executive Officer

Ataccama is proud to welcome Mike Mckee as our new CEO. Find all the details in the news item.


The Top 5 Initiatives CDOs Focus on to Bring Value in 2023

Data Management Data Governance Data Quality

CDOs increasingly look at success through the lens of achieving business objectives. Learn what initiatives they focus on to bring business value.


What Gen AI means for Data Management

AI Thought Leaders AI

Gen AI could change the way we do data management. Learn how in our latest blog.


The Rise of GPT

Learn about what GPT and generative AI are and how they became so popular.


E2E DQ: A Holistic Approach to Continuous DQ Management

Learn about a fully comprehensive way to manage your data's quality.

Success Story

Centralized reference data management on AWS

RSA implemented Ataccama’s Reference Data Management solution on AWS to centralize data management, avoid data duplication, and propagate a single…

Success Story

T-Mobile Automates PII Protection on Thousands of Databases

T-Mobile US automated data classification for effective PII protection across 56,000 databases.

Success Story

Group-wide consent management for better marketing and compliance

Ataccama implemented centralized consent management for the bank’s customer data, making it clear to all group members and departments which data…


Hackathon 2023: Gen AI for Data Management

As a data management company, we're beginning to dip our toes in the world of Gen AI. Read about our journey in this blog.


The 4 Stressful Challenges Most CDOs Face and How to Overcome Them

CDOs face many challenges, but these four are the worst. Learn what they are and how to deal with them in this article.


What is Data Democratization?

Data democratization gets everyone at your organization involved with your most important asset: your data.

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