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2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Data Quality Solutions
Gartner MQ

The solutions your team needs

Build a World Class Data Governance Program

Fix the declining trust in your data with secure data quality: dissolve data inconsistencies, improve accuracy and restore confidence in your organization’s data assets to deliver trustworthy reporting and analytics.

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data governance

Unified 360 Customer Data Insights

Build a 360 view of accurate customer data with Ataccama ONE MDM. Start improving regulatory compliance, operational effectiveness, marketing segmentation and other practices.

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customer 360

Data Protection

Stay ahead of data regulations, prevent crippling data breaches, and protect your reputation with a unified data management platform.

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data protection

Systems & Data Modernization

Migrate data, improve data quality, and lay the foundation for strategic DQ and MDM.

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data modernization

Data Quality For Governed AI & Model Training

Deploy more models and increase reliability. Eliminate all bottlenecks, free up data scientists’ time, and ensure effective collaboration with data engineering.

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dq for ai

Data integration for Mergers & Acquisitions

Accelerate data integration. Ensure smooth business continuity across M&As with Ataccama’s unified platform. Start taking full advantage of consolidated portfolios today.

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consolidate data
Chantale Boulanger

If we can’t trust our customer data, we are not able to do any growth initiatives and communicate effectively with our clients.”

Chantale Boulanger Director, Industrial Alliance
Chantale Boulanger Director, Industrial Alliance
Jason Wright

With Ataccama, we are able to do reviews of triple the number of databases in half the time.

Jason Wright Data Scanning at Scale Solution Captain, T-Mobile
Jason Wright Data Scanning at Scale Solution Captain, T-Mobile
Catherine Yoshida

Ataccama ONE really is a one-stop-solution…that means everyone is capable of fully understanding our data asset inventory to power the next stage of our growth and ambitions.

Catherine Yoshida Head of Data Governance, Teranet
Catherine Yoshida Head of Data Governance, Teranet

Setting you up for success

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Setting you up for success

  • Dedicated customer success manager

    Your dedicated CS Manager has your back and will help and guide you on the path to building a successful data management strategy.

  • Exceptional product support

    Our customers repeatedly praise the quality of our product support. We will help you overcome any obstacles you might face during the implementation.

  • Comprehensive training & certification

    Your people will become Ataccama ONE experts in no time thanks to the available training materials and certification program.


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