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Ataccama is running an Ethics Hotline via a web-based form operated by a 3rd party company, BDO. BDO is Ataccama’s supplier for SOC2 audits and is a trustworthy partner in many areas, providing counsel on legal, financial, auditing, and regulatory requirements, as well as in investigating the reported cases.

The cases are investigated by Ataccama representatives, currently:

For more complicated cases we may reach to BDO investigators Mgr. Stanislav Klika, Director and Michael Zertich, Senior consultant, Risk Advisory Services BDO Audit s.r.o., These are the only persons who are appointed and entitled to see the content of the (anonymous) reported cases.

How to submit a new notification?

The Ethics Hotline is a convenient and easy way to submit cases electronically. No special documents are required. However, we recommend that you provide all relevant information. You can support your claims by uploading documents (doc, xls, pdf, jpg, png, etc.).

Although submitting cases through the application is convenient and practical, it is possible to use other ways. The case can be sent to the email or by phone at +420 720065695. No one will request any personal data from you as part of the notification.

Submit a case

How is my anonymity guaranteed?

The reporting channel is provided by an external partner, BDO Czech Republic s.r.o., due to the sensitivity of the content of the notification. The investigators guarantee the confidentiality of the identity of the notifier. The notification handling process is encrypted. During the submission of a case on the Ethics Hotline, no information is stored regarding the IP address, location information or selected cookie trackers that could lead to the traceability of the user.

How do I find out if my case has been properly investigated?

Each notification has a specific tracking code, which appears on your screen after you submit the case. Copy this code and keep it securely. Under this code, you can follow the course and results of the investigation of your case or communicate with the investigator. You will be continuously informed about the progress of the investigation by means of a detailed report. Every case will be investigated thoroughly. Where appropriate, necessary actions will be taken to remedy or infer the consequences from the established facts.