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The collaborative platform for data activation.

Data Catalog Listing

Collaborate: Work with others to create and improve data assets with tasks, comments, and sharing features.


Govern: Set up access permissions and configure business workflows for faster access to data.


Automate: Your data landscape is always up to date with automated data discovery and data observability.


Activate: Use data to create metrics, reports, and trusted data sets, or export data anywhere you want.

See how much information Ataccama ONE generates automatically

See how much information Ataccama ONE generates automatically
Data profiling
Data profiles are generated for all data in the catalog. See duplicate counts, value frequencies, and patterns, and more.
Business data lineage
See where data assets originate, how their data quality and business terms change, and how they are transformed along the way.
Anomaly detection
Monitor any data for anomalies automatically. It’s one checkbox away.
Data quality
Data quality automatically calculated for every data set with assigned business terms.

Always up to date. Zero manual effort.


Scheduled system scans

Changes to data domains and data structure in connected systems are captured and imported to the data catalog via scheduled system scans.


Self-improving AI

Our AI suggests business rules, assigns business terms, and detects new relationships.

Connect all of your data sources

Catalog relational and NoSQL databases, data lakes, data warehouses, cloud
storages, metastores, streams, and files.

Amazon S3

Azure Synapse

Azure Data Lake Storage

Amazon Redshift

Google BigQuery


Oracle DB



Microsoft SQL Server





Apache Kafka

CSV (any format)

Microsoft Excel


And many more connectors.

Achieve more with our automated data catalog

Data profiling

Data profiles are generated for all data in the catalog. See duplicate counts, value frequencies, patterns, and more.

Data profiling

Augmented data lineage

Data lineage is generated for all data sources connected to the data catalog. It is augmented with business terms and data quality information, making it useful to business users, IT, and data engineers.

Augmented data lineage
Anomaly detection
Business terms

Data monitoring

Easily monitor data for anomalies, data quality issues, or data set structure changes.

Data monitoring
Self-driving data monitoring

Data classification

Detect business terms, data domains, sensitive data, and any other classifications relevant to your organization. Let AI automatically classify data based on user input.

Data classification
Sensitive data detection
Packaged business terms

Business glossary

Manage business terms and their hierarchies from within the data catalog. Define relations to business rules and policies, track lineage and data quality based on terms, and drive automation.

Business glossary

Report catalog

Create a single place to index and document reports from various sources. Produce business intelligence assets like reports, dashboards, and data stories.

Business glossary

Metadata management

More than a data catalog. Keep track of KPIs, reports, ML models, APIs, systems, or virtually anything else. It’s fully customizable.

Metadata management

Built for all data people

Ataccama ONE is made for fast analytical teams, highly regulated governance teams, and technical data teams alike.

Data Stewards
Identify all locations of the data you are responsible for
Define data semantics in the business glossary
Keep track of data domains and data quality
Control access and use of data

All data people can do their job better and faster when they can access and trust enterprise data, and see how it’s used.

Robust under the hood


High performance processing engine

Acquire and process any data volume from various sources simultaneously.



Supports horizontal and vertical scaling, and high availability mode.


Deploy anywhere

Deploy on premises, big data platforms, in hybrid environments, or in the cloud.


Edge computing

Maximizing efficiency and security by processing data in the environment where it is stored.


Configuration flexibility

Tailor the end solution to your needs without any coding, thanks to a metadata-based configuration.



Complete transparency and security thanks to configurable workflows, a flexible permissions model, full audit, and more.

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