Create governed data products

Build, manage and share data products organization-wide. Foster data democratization and make governed datasets available across teams, departments, and business units.

Import and edit critical business data

Easily validate data in real time

Collaborate with others to improve data

Ensure governed access to data from an integrated data catalog

Tired of siloed datasets? Easily share enterprise data among teams and business units

Import and edit critical business data

Data democratization is not achievable when business information is kept in small clusters and can’t be accessed collaboratively by different departments. Having a central platform in place where you can import data from local sources and use governed, cataloged assets is a must.

Build data sets together

Relying on engineering teams to always set up quality rules limits collaboration. Business users need to take control of their data in a solution that allows them to assign records, tag colleagues, create tasks, and comment on data products. Easily share reports by exporting them or via data stories.

Real-time data quality for data products

Making sure data is of high quality is challenging when quality guardrails are not in place. Using a tool that leverages industry-leading data quality ensures the implementation of high standards for every data product. Understand your unmanaged datasets with best-in-class profiling and validation.

Ensure data governance

Keeping track of who has access to assets is hard, especially when departments use different products for managing data. ONE Data provides a single governed environment within the integrated data catalog for cross-departmental use cases.

Here is how it works

1. Import

Upload or import different types of datasets into ONE Data from external sources, or search for relevant cataloged data using the global search function. See all imported data in a single hub for a better overview and awareness.

2. Understand

Ataccama ONE documents and profiles data, detects business domains, and automatically validates data with out-of-the-box business rules. See data quality outcomes on a dataset, attribute, record, or cell level.

3. Share & Collaborate

Give or gain access to datasets used by your team but owned by other departments or business functions. Assign tasks to relevant stakeholders to correct data, fill in missing values, and create trusted data products.

4. Provide

Make data products available to systems via API or scheduled exports. Also, publish data products to the catalog data.

Building, managing, and sharing data products made easy

In-cell editing

Add and edit data intuitively like you would in your favorite spreadsheet software.

Data validation

Effortlessly validate data by applying rules from a central rule library.

Assign and track tasks

Ask others for help by assigning specific rows of data to them.

Permission management

Share data sets with teammates, other teams, or the whole company.

Metadata management

Document data sets by adding descriptions, assigning owners, and adding business terms from the business glossary

Data classification

Ataccama ONE automatically classifies data with automated algorithms and AI.

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