Master Data Management

Put an end to duplicate data and siloed systems. Consolidate critical data and provide a single source of truth across your organisation

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Break free from data chaos

smooth M&A

Smooth M&A systems integration

  • Accelerate system integrations and ensure smooth business continuity by leveraging Ataccama’s powerful engine.
  • Easily profile, standardize and deduplicate large volumes of critical data in no time.

Unified customer portals & digital apps

  • Consolidate and enrich customer records from multiple source systems.
  • Put a stop to inconsistent customer experiences and don't allow bad data to slow down your digital transformation.
cross and upsell

Precise cross & up sell initiatives

  • Selling products across different business lines can result in scattered customer data.
  • Consolidate records and empower marketing and sales teams to use the best available data for targeted campaigns.

Regulatory reporting ready.

Address complex challenges posed by regulatory requirements. Leverage high quality data, and improve the speed and accuracy of generated reports.


Quickly prepared & validated.

Accelerate data readiness, and automate the data preparation and validation process with the help of AI. Remove friction and improve agility and fuel organization’s operations with timely and trustworthy information.

What makes Ataccama MDM better?

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Industry-leading MDM capabilities

Embedded data quality & governance

Flexible integration & deployment

Stronger data initiatives with improved business outcomes

AI & ML ready data infrastructure

Make sure critical data is primed and ready to be provisioned into any advanced machine learning model. By relying on up-to-date and meticulously managed master data, your AI-driven offerings will deliver tangible value to your clients.

Data enrichment for targeted campaigns

Automate the enrichment of specific datasets to reduce go-to-market times and maximize campaign launch efficiency. Collect and cross-check external data based on master records with seamless third-party tool integrations.

Predictive analytics and fraud detection

Start deriving sharper insights with better data. Create a single source of truth and bolster the efficiency of analytics algorithms. Examine client behavior more adeptly, predict buying preferences, and swiftly detect potential fraudulent activities.

Efficient data retrieval and connectivity

Easily connect to almost any data source and start consolidating critical data into a unified master data hub. Quickly search for assets and extract valuable insights by plugging the Ataccama ONE MDM into your data landscape.

Consistent data during customer interactions

Easily consolidate diverse data points from party details to purchase histories and contractual information. Delivere a seamless online experience, and dramatically reduce the need for troubleshooting and call center interventions.


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Bringing business and IT teams together to create a digital factory of trusted data

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Ataccama Master Data Management
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Taking 5 logins to 1 with Master Data Management, removing complexity and increasing trust

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“Ataccama, as a vendor, has been a phenomenal partner: flexibility and understanding of our needs in a pricing structure, system integration needs, deployment support, training and on-going customer engagement.“

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