Multidomain Master Data Management

Deploy a flexible, multidomain MDM solution on prem or in the cloud, and get an accurate, complete, and duplicate-free view of your master data.

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MDM Break Away
MDM Hierarchies
MDM Dashboard

Robust & easy-to-use enterprise MDM hub. Fast.

Robust & easy-to-use enterprise MDM hub. In 3 months.

User-friendly UI + AI + embedded best practices + rich metadata repository = fast & successful implementation.

Augmented, multidomain MDM hub for mission critical deployments.


Not sure about the data model?

Rapid model development

Ataccama ONE catalogs your source data, discovers data domains and relationships, and identifies specific data quality problems.


What matching rules do I need?

AI-suggested matching rules

AI analyzes your data and proposes pre-configured matching rules, which you can test, edit, and fine tune.



Stay ahead with self-improving matching rules and AI-generated matching proposals.


Built-in data quality

Ensure accurate matching & merging with data standardization.


Data steward interface

Use the MDM hub front end to change, update and author new data, and then easily distribute it to other systems.


Everything generated

All data load interfaces, APIs, and the user front end are generated and updated based on metadata.


And much more

Data discovery
Data cleansing
Match & Merge
Flexible model
User-friendly interface
Issue resolution

Break free from MDM style limitations. Ataccama ONE combines & supports them all.

Break free from MDM style limitations. Ataccama ONE combines & supports them all.
View golden record information
See the most complete and accurate information for your customers, products, and more.
Author data
Create new records directly in the MDM hub.
Edit consolidated data
Directly make and publish changes to golden records.
Display external data
Bring data from any source and create a 360 view of any domain.

Provide data in batch, stream, or real-time mode to users, downstream systems, and back to sources.

Provide data in batch, stream or real-time mode to users, downstream systems, and back to sources

MDM without data quality & a data catalog isn’t what it could be.

Accurate matching depends on data quality.

Cleanse, standardize, and enrich data with our built-in data quality engine.

Let data stewards work smarter with an integrated data catalog.

Everything essential at your fingertips

Business terms
Data domains
Data quality

Spend less time configuring permissions.

Leverage a data catalog and automated policy enforcement for compliance. You can configure granular permissions, too.

Ready for any data domain, any data volume, any industry, and deployment


“Because we had very high performance expectations, Ataccama was a clear winner.”

Miroslav Umlauf
CDO, Avast
313 mil.
customer records
437 mil.
contact records
changes per day
1.7 TB
of master data

Achieve more with our flexible MDM

Multi-vector MDM

Manage all of your master data in a single, flexible MDM solution supporting any combinations of domains, integration styles, industry, or deployment.

Any style
Any industry
Any deployment
Any domain

Most of our customers manage 4+ domains.

Business units

Data quality management

Easily understand current and past data quality of any of your master data, investigate anomalies, and resolve data issues.

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Stewardship & governance

Easily search, view, edit, and author data from our user-friendly web app. Work with temporary exceptions and manual overrides.

Stewardship & Governance
User overrides

Workflow & change approvals

Implement workflows to approve changes to data, notify users about data that needs their attention, and publish approved changes to consuming systems.

Workflow & change approvals
Live preview of changes
Full audit log

Golden record management

Easily identify duplicate data with expert rules or by leveraging AI proposals. Deduplicate, master, and merge data to create golden records.

Golden record management
Match proposals

Relationship & hierarchy management

Identify relationships between records. Identify house-holds and connected companies, and visualize hierachies within the same household for successful marketing campaigns, accurate analytics, and compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA).

Relationship & hierarchy management

Reference data management

Map reference data from different systems and create a master value. Manage reference data centrally for successful MDM implementations.

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Metadata-driven development

Configure the data model and generate data load interfaces, APIs, and user interface templates. No custom coding or duplicate configuration.

Reusable configuration
Easy change rollout

Integration & application data management

Ensure valid, cleansed, and deduplicated data is provided back to business applications via real-time APIs or batch interfaces.


Your front-end for master data and back-end for systems integration in ONE

Data Stewards
Browse, search, filter data in a friendly web interface
Compare records side by side, merge or split as needed
Update incorrect data, or author new records
Approve changes via configurable workflows
Get notified about data which needs your attention
MDM Developers
Fast data discovery thanks to automated profiling and classification
Generate integration and user interfaces based on the data model
Import the data model from your preferred CASE tool
Use Ataccama Desktop Expert IDE optimized for developers
Business Users
Use the native web app to search for master data
View record hierarchies
View master data records augmented with business terms and data quality information
Propose changes or updates to data

Visibility into master data is critical for all users in a company. See your data in one place, enhanced with data quality and business terms for additional context.

Robust under the hood


Built for scale

Acquire and process any data volumes from various sources simultaneously and in real time.


High Availability

Deploy in various high availability modes for reliable operation in any environment.


Deploy anywhere

Deploy in the cloud, on premises, or in hybrid mode.


Flexible integration

Integrate and provide data in a variety of styles: batch, streaming, messaging, online (synchronous and asynchronous).


Big data support

Connect to data lakes and big data platforms, run natively on distributed clusters.


Disaster recovery

Guaranteed data consistency within the whole data pipeline as well as consistent data recovery in case of a system failure.

See our MDM in action.

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See our MDM in action. See our MDM in action.

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