Privacy and Cookie Notice

Ataccama is committed to protecting your privacy and security of your personal data. We will process your personal data, which has been provided to us or is otherwise held by us, in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and in the manner and for purposes set out in this Privacy notice below.

To obtain the specific information you are looking for, you may navigate through this Privacy notice using the navigation sidebar.

Our Privacy notice may change from time to time and any changes will be posted on our website:

We do not sell your personal data.

What personal data do we process and why?

We collect and process personal data that was either provided directly by you, or was collected by us based on your activities on our website or when using our services, or was lawfully obtained from third parties or public sources.

Personal data you provide directly to us

Some personal data which we collect is provided directly by you. You provide this data, for instance, when:

  • You register to our use our website, Ataccama portal or subscribe to our services
  • You modify your profile at our website or Ataccama portal
  • You interact with or contribute to Ataccama Portal
  • You submit an inquiry or contact us via any of our contact forms
  • You download any of our products using your e-mail address
  • You download or use our CatchApp mobile application
  • You subscribe to newsletters or any other form of marketing communication
  • You attend any of the events organized by us or by our partners
  • You agree to participate in user experience research
  • You visit our premises
  • You apply for a job at Ataccama or consent to us keeping your professional profile data for potential recruitment in the future; or
  • You connect to our website or services with your social media accounts
  • You participate in training through the Ataccama Academy educational platform

Ataccama Website, Ataccama portal or Ataccama services interactions

When you register at our website or Ataccama Portal, modify your profile, or contact us through a contact form on the website, we collect your personal data in the necessary extent, mainly your first name, last name, e-mail address, organization, job title, country and phone number. Ataccama portal may also allow you to upload your avatar photo, your city and country and additional information you decide to publish about yourself. The processing of the above information or outcomes of your interaction is necessary in order to provide you or your organization with requested information and our services, either at the moment of processing itself or in the future. We will process your data during the entire time you have an active account on the website.

However, even when your account is inactivated, we may keep certain data for additional period of up to five years for our legitimate interest in maintaining integrity and security of our website and services, or to protect against third party legal claims or enforce our own legal claims.

Downloading our products

We may allow download of certain products, such as Ataccama Data Quality Analyzer, which will require uploading your e-mail address and basis contact information. Such data will be used by us to send you an installation package and may also be used for further marketing communication to you as to our customer as described in more detail in the section Events and Commercial communication.


Ataccama has developed a CatchApp mobile application for Android and iOS to connect with prospective clients and employees at various events. CatchApp provides an easy-to-use interface to connect with Ataccama and quickly register to the service of your choice. The CatchApp collects your first name, last name, business e-mail address, job title, phone number (optional), and the specification of your interests in our services. The processing of such data is necessary for the application to fulfil its purpose, to provide you with requested information and our services, as well as to for sending of our marketing communication, all as described in more detail in the section Events and Commercial communication.

Events and Commercial communication

As a company developing highly sophisticated enterprise data solutions, it is crucial for Ataccama to reach to its prospects by all reasonable means.

You may subscribe to and thus consent to receiving newsletters and other marketing communication via options on our website as is customary with many companies.

Further to that, if you or the organization, which you represent, has interacted with Ataccama or our services in the past, we may send such communication to you based on our legitimate interest.

Likewise, when you meet us at one of our events, conferences, trade shows, seminars, meetups, or job fairs, either present or online, we also keep the contact data as well as your areas of interest for the purpose of the follow-up e-mails, product sales or promotion activities and better targeting of services. We may also interact with you using a mobile application CatchApp.

We will keep your data and reach out to you in the above scenarios based on our legitimate interest.

All processing mentioned in this section will be done for the maximum period of five years from data collection.

You may unsubscribe from any communication either by using the unsubscribe link in any e-mail you receive from us or by opting out of future communication by contacting us using the communication channels stated below.

User experience research

We use various methods to improve our products, services, to better understand opportunities for our business as well as to identify any problems. These methods include online customer research, user experience research, or participant panels. We might hold online interviews and product presentations with you. If you participate in these activities, we collect audio, video and screen recording of a you and other participants (the transcription of which is anonymized after the session), first name, last name, e-mail and phone number. This processing is based on your consent, which may be recalled by you at any time. The video and audio recordings will be kept only for exceptional cases and will be accessible only to a narrow circle of our staff and will be deleted after five years at most or upon withdrawal of your consent.

Visiting our premises

When you visit our premises, we keep basic records about such visits for our legitimate interests related to our security procedures. We record names of visitors, their e-mail addresses and dates of visit. We may keep these records by manual means or through our visitor app. The data is kept for 60 days.

Linking to your social media account

You may register to the website and to some services via your LinkedIn or Google account. If you do so, we will access the information necessary for completing the registration form (i.e., your first name, last name, e-mail address, current position, and organization). Please note however that the use of such features may also be subject to privacy policies adopted by LinkedIn or Google, respectively.

Personal data we collect from your activities on our website or from your use of services

Some personal data, especially the usage data, is not provided directly by you, but we collect them as you use our website or services or our application. This category might include for example browsing history of the website, the length of time spent on individual webpages, your behavior on our website, referring URL, device type and attributes, browser and operation system attribute, type of the internet service provider and many others. The scope of the personal data we collect depends on the type of your activity at our website and on the purpose of the processing. We may also use your personal data which you provide to us on the website for the purpose of remarketing and better targeting.

Various techniques may help us in collection of the above data, some of which may be permitted by you. You may learn more about in the below section explaining Cookies and similar technologies.

Personal data about you provided by third parties or obtained from public sources

Some information about you may be provided to us by our partners, such as our affiliates, resellers, vendors, event organizers or providers of our analytics for our website or other service providers. We may also collect some business-related data about you if this is publicly available. We know that not every data may be collected and use if obtained from third parties or from public sources, so we only do so if and to the extent permitted by the applicable privacy laws.

Some of your personal data may also be provided by your friends or family in case of our referral program. The details about processing of your data are already explained above depending on the purpose of provision of the data.

The legal basis and purpose of the processing of personal data vary from the type of provided services and purposes of data processing. Please see above what lawful ground for personal data processing applies to individual data processing scenario.

For how long will your personal data be processed?

Your personal data will be processed for no longer than necessary to fulfil the purpose of the processing in question, for example for the period of the duration of our contractual relationship as specified above. Above you may learn how long do we process your personal data in individual data processing scenarios.

Please note also that when you or your organization purchase our services from us, we might be obliged to keep your personal data somehow longer if it is imposed on us by law (for example by tax or accounting laws), which will mostly not exceed ten years.

Cookies and similar technologies

What are cookies?

When you access our website, our Ataccama portal or the Ataccama platform, temporary files, which keep small pieces of information, might be stored on and later retrieved from your device to ensure functionality of the website, our services or to improve your customer experience.

What types of cookies do we use?

We use two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. Session cookies last for the duration of your browser session and they are deleted right after the session ends. A persistent cookie is not deleted after the session ends. A persistent cookie stays stored in your browser and will be loaded and read once you return to our website.

These cookies for instance help us recognize you as an existing user, so you may return without having to sign in again.

We also divide the cookies into the following categories: necessary, preferences, statistics, and marketing cookies.

Necessary cookies are essential for the use of the website or services, the preferences, statistics, and marketing cookies are not.

Cookies might include:

  • login and authentication data chunks,
  • files representing your preferences for language and other settings that you choose within the service,
  • files carrying information about your interaction with the website, including files further processed by third parties in an anonymized form to gain insight on the website traffic,
  • files carrying information for advertising purposes so that we can display ads for our products and services and products and services of our group companies,
  • files carrying information about your geographic location

Accepting or declining cookies

You have no ability to decline the necessary cookies on our website. However, you will be asked whether you want to accept or decline preferences, statistics, and marketing cookies.

You can change your decision about cookies every time you revisit the website or service.

Your browser may also be configured or behave in a way that does not support saving cookies at all. If this is the case, you acknowledge that some parts of the service may not work correctly - for example logging-in, and consequently, the entire user account or the language setting storing. Shall your browser fail to provide this functionality please contact us. Please bear in mind that if you choose to decline cookies, you may not enjoy full experience of the website or services.

Social media features

Our website may include social media features, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter plug-ins. These plug-ins may collect certain information about visitors to our website, such as IP addresses or browsing history for the above companies and may event deploy their cookies to your browser. The collection and use of information will be subject to privacy policies adopted by Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter respectively.

To whom we disclose your personal data?

With whom we share your personal data

Your personal data may be, subject to fulfilment of requirements of privacy laws, be transferred to our Affiliates, which are other Ataccama or Adastra group entities or to other reliable third parties that provide us with administrative or technical support. Some of your personal data may also be accessible to our service providers, such as cloud and hosting providers. Please note that we use certain technology solution for administering of our agendas that may also be provided by third party vendors, who may technically have access to your data in encrypted state or exceptionally even without encryption.

If you are a participant of an event organized by us or by our partners, we may share your identification and contact data with the respective organizers and our partners who will process your data pursuant to their privacy notices. We may also share your personal data with government authorities or law enforcement bodies if required by law, with external advisors, or with other personnel who are subject to a confidentiality obligation.

Transfer of personal data outside of the EU/EEA

If you are from the EU/EEA, sometimes we may need to transfer your personal data to vendors located in countries outside of the EU/EEA (such as when using IT service providers in such countries or when you apply for a job in non-EU Ataccama office). Your personal data may be transferred to the following third countries where Ataccama and Adastra Group subsidiaries reside - Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. From the perspective of European privacy laws, as of the date of this Privacy Notice, Canada and the United Kingdom are considered as countries with adequate privacy protection by the European Commission, whereas data transfers to the United States and Australia require privacy safeguards. Nevertheless, our data transfers are subject to legal requirements and appropriate measures. We transfer the data to countries either on the basis of European Commission’s decision on the adequate protection of personal data or on the basis of standard contractual terms adopted by the European Commission to ensure additional protection of your privacy.

What are your rights as a data subject?

You have certain rights related to the processing of your personal data. Namely:

  • When we process your personal data on the basis of your consent, you may withdraw it anytime. However, please allow for few days for such withdrawal to take effect in our internal systems.
  • The right to know and access to personal data. You have the right to be told which of your personal data we process, what are the purposes of processing and the period for which the personal data will be stored; If it does not adversely affect the rights or freedoms of anyone else than you, you may also obtain a copy of your personal data;
  • The right to rectification of inaccurate or incomplete personal data. You are entitled to have your personal data rectified or completed if it has been incorrectly captured for the stated purposes;
  • The right to erasure personal data in the event of the termination of the purpose or unlawful processing or when they are no longer needed. You have the right to have your personal data deleted to the extent appropriate in justified cases;
  • The right to data portability. To the extent that your data is processed by automated means and were collected by us based on you consent or in order to provide you with our services, you have the right to have your personal data provided to another data controller upon your request in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format;
  • The right to request the restriction of processing. When the processing is unlawful and you oppose to the erasure, or when you contest the accuracy of personal data, you may request restriction of processing.
  • The right to object to data processing. On grounds relating to your particular situation and when the data processing is based on our legitimate interest, you may object to the data processing done by us. We will evaluate this objection on the legal grounds. We will nevertheless always respect any opt-out from commercial communication. However, please allow for few days for such opt-out to take effect in our internal systems.
  • The right to non-discrimination. Subject to certain limitations, when you exercise your lawful rights, you will not receive discriminatory treatment for the exercise of your rights.

Full identification of the data controller

Your data is processed on a need-to-know basis within the Ataccama group of entities (“Ataccama”, “we” “our” or "us"). The data controller of your personal data is Ataccama Software, s.r.o., having its registered seat at Sokolovská 685/136f, Karlín, Postal Code 186 00, Prague 8, the Czech Republic, Business ID No. 282 35 550. Other entities from Ataccama group are located in Canada, the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, France, Slovakia, and Germany. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our processing activities, or you would like to exercise your privacy rights, you may approach our Data Protection Officer. In case of any requests related to the processing of your personal data or in case you desire to exercise your rights, you may contact us in the following ways:

Who is a supervisory authority?

Anytime you have concerns about our processing activities you may lodge a complaint with our supervisory authority. The relevant supervisory authority for the controller is the Office for Personal Data Protection, having its registered address at Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Prague 7, the Czech Republic.

Last updated: Nov 23, 2023