Data Protection

Stay ahead of data regulations, prevent crippling data breaches, and protect your reputation with a unified data management platform.


Automate PII protection and reduce the risk of data breaches

Learn where exactly your sensitive data is stored and establish an automated process that will identify new PII and let you take necessary measures to remediate it.


Consolidate personal information

Consolidate all personal information in an MDM hub and manage consents from one place. Easily comply with data access, data erasure, and other user rights.


Balance data democratization and compliance

Build a catalog of high-value data, set up access permissions, and business workflows to access data

How it works


Connect & identify

Connect your data sources and document them. Understand which data sources you need to classify and protect.



Get up and running quickly with curated identifiers ready to be used out-of-the-box, or define your own in the Rule Library. Combine rule-based and pattern-based detection in data and metadata to identify sensitive data across all your systems.


Set up data protection processes

Consolidate all personal information in an MDM hub and manage consents from one place. Define policies, set up permissions, and manage access rights.


Scale and operationalize

Roll out the classification initiative across all your systems and data sources, detect changes in personal data in real time, and set up repeatable processes for 24/7 PII protection.

“With Ataccama, we are able to do reviews of triple the number of databases in half the time.”

Jason Wright

Data Scanning at Scale Solution Captain, T-Mobile

Why Ataccama for Data Protection


Connectivity & deployment

Connect to any data source including streaming platforms, data lakes, cloud warehouses, relational DBs, and file storages. Deploy Ataccama data processing engines where your data resides.

Review connectors

Data observability

Get notified about new PII occurrence, data anomalies, data quality drops, schema, and data volume changes before your business-critical systems are affected.

Learn more about data observability

Embedded data quality

Catalog, classify, and check data quality all within one platform as part of an ongoing process.

Learn more about data quality

Reliable & scalable data processing

Ataccama ONE can handle any data volumes in complex, distributed data environments without compromising performance. If you need to scan thousands of systems and petabytes of data, we have you covered.

Learn how T-Mobile scaled PII protection

Data activation + compliance

Turn data into actionable insights. Ataccama enables business and technical users to explore and instantly use data, all in one environment while ensuring governance & security.

Data catalog that serves everyone

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