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Don’t let bad data derail your critical initiatives. Experience the frustration-free journey towards strategic data quality management.

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Fix the declining trust in your data with secure data quality: dissolve data inconsistencies, improve accuracy and restore confidence in your organization’s data assets to deliver trustworthy reporting and analytics. 

In compliance

In compliance.

De-risk your data management practices and save your company millions of dollars. Protect sensitive data, prevent data breaches and protect your company’s reputation.

Easily accessible

Easily accessible.

Empower your teams to make informed decisions. Dissolve data access barriers, and locate and reach data seamlessly without ever compromising on security.

Regulatory reporting ready

Regulatory reporting ready.

Address complex challenges posed by regulatory requirements. Leverage high quality data, and improve the speed and accuracy of generated reports.

Quickly prepared & validated

Quickly prepared & validated.

Accelerate data readiness, and automate the data preparation and validation process with the help of AI. Remove friction and improve agility and fuel organization’s operations with timely and trustworthy information.

Trusted by users and analysts alike



Ataccama ONE Data Quality
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Bringing business and IT teams together to create a digital factory of trusted data

Piotr Pietrzyk, Head of Data Governance



Ataccama Master Data Management
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Taking 5 logins to 1 with Master Data Management, removing complexity and increasing trust

Chantale Boulanger, Director, Perfomance & shared client data

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DQ capabilities built natively with AI

Proactive data quality

Integrated Data Governance

Platform flexibility

Get more from your data with Ataccama

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Reduce data management costs

Save tens of millions of dollars annually by tightly integrating data governance and quality. Lift the shadows off of data management and enable data reuse, remove redundant systems and databases, or reduce data preparation times.

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Boost business and operational efficiency

Increase business and operational efficiency by improving employee, supplier, product and customer data management. Witness sales and marketing efforts skyrocket as a result of decision-making that is based on easily accessible, high quality data.

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Save work hours on DQ tasks

Implement AI-driven, real-time data quality management process that improve data accessibility and usability company-wide. The result? Hundreds of work hours saved every month thanks to a self-service model that improves efficiency.

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Improve data accessibility company-wide

Accelerate data quality without manual effort and enable access to high quality data company-wide. Use automation to efficiently manage access rights, user permissions, sharing requests, data documentation and more!

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