Self-Driving Data Quality Management

Gain quick insight into data quality, easily prepare and validate data, and improve data quality on any scale.

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Data Monitoring
Anomaly Detection
Data Quality Throughout

Ataccama ONE monitors data quality automatically. Just connect your source.

Welcome to the new age where a data catalog grows and improves automatically

Data quality without the extra work—leverage AI for instant results.

Smart & fast data quality management, with a friendly user experience.


Works without rules

Anomaly detection

Automatically spot potential issues in your data on the fly.


Rule definitions ready?

Automated DQ rules

Our self-learning engine detects data domains and business terms, and assigns data quality rules automatically from a rule library.

Continuous data quality

Continuous data quality

Automatically detect changes and improve quality over time. Take action if needed.

Quality throughout

Quality throughout

Data quality is applied everywhere, from data lineage to business domains, MDM, and more.

Customize as needed

Customize as needed

Modify rules in a user-friendly interface with sentence-like conditions or with our rich expression language.

Super fast data quality

Super fast data quality

Get started quickly and process any volume of data fast, on prem or in the cloud.


And much more

Explainable AI
Whitebox approach
Outlier detection
Data patterns
Duplicate detection
Standardization rules
Issue resolution
Change notifications

Built for all data people

Ataccama ONE is built for fast analytical teams, highly regulated governance teams, and technical data teams alike.

Data Stewards
Manage data quality rules
Identify data quality problems in source systems
Resolve data quality issues
Monitor data quality
Business Managers
Get an overview of data quality at any time
Base your business decisions on accurate, comprehensive reports
Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
Data Scientists
Easily access, transform, and use enterprise data
Easily evaluate any data set in a self-service way
Find related data with lineage and detect relationships with Al
Data Engineers
Easily connect to a variety of data sources and catalog your data
Implement complex, reusable data quality rules without coding
Flexibly create custom data transformations

Business users can do their job better & faster when they trust the data in their organization, see how it’s used, and if the quality improves over time.

Everything you need to ensure data quality

Data quality evaluation, monitoring & reporting

Easily evaluate and start monitoring data quality in your systems directly from the data catalog. See all data quality controls, trends, and anomalies in one place.

Data quality evaluation, monitoring & reporting

Data quality firewall

Prevent bad data from entering your systems. Publish any DQ pipeline as a web service and use it from your own application to validate, cleanse, or enrich data with user input.

Quality on entry

Data preparation

Easily join and transform data with interactive visual transformations, modify data on the fly, and publish validated data for the rest of your company.

Zero coding
Interactive transformations

Data quality throughout and on every level

Automatically detect domains and business terms, and apply data quality rules consistently across the company. Report aggregated quality statistics and use data quality information for MDM, RDM, data catalog, data lineage, and more.

Data quality throughout and on every level


Identify duplicate records representing the same real-world entity (customers, patients, products, locations, or others) with matching rules or AI-based algorithms. Use various sophisticated methods to uncover hidden relationships in your data.

Deterministic matching
Fuzzy matching
Edit distance
Phonetic algorithms

Data standardization & cleansing

Standardize, cleanse, validate, enrich, and match data as your applications need. Easily move from configuration to testing and deployment. Integrate data quality with existing ETL and CI/CD pipelines.

Data standardization & cleansing

External data enrichment & validation

Plug in modules to connect to 3rd party, industry standard data enrichment & validation services.

Dun & Bradstreet
Bureau van Dijk

Call any external API or even scrape web pages.

Anomaly detection

Detect irregularities in data loads, including data volume changes, outliers, and changes in data characteristics. Get notified and understand what’s happening. See improvements over time as the solution learns from user input.

Data standardization & cleansing

Issue tracking & resolution

Identify, track, resolve, and prevent data quality issues automatically. Data stewards can correct errors, eliminate duplicates, and match & merge records.

Data standardization & cleansing

Data masking

Consistently mask data, create data for test environments, and transfer anonymized data to the cloud. Our smart engine preserves data quality and characteristics.

“Take a data quality product and implement it in such a quick turnout time, it’s actually quite great.”

Femi Akintobi
Data Quality & Engineering Product Director, GSK

Robust under the hood


High performance processing engine

Works on billions of records, can handle millions of API calls from frontend applications without compromising performance.


Flexible integration

Files, structured, unstructured, NoSQL, data lakes, batch, streaming, messaging, APIs, web services, REST, synchronous and asynchronous, on prem, or in the cloud? No problem.


Powerful orchestration

Set up and schedule flexible data processing pipelines with a variety of conditions and follow-up steps. Then integrate them into existing ETL or CI/CD pipelines.


Multi-environment deployment

Ataccama ONE configuration is separate from the processing engine and the deployment environment. Reuse configurations and save time testing and deploying your solution on different environments.

See data quality management in action

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