Centralized Reference Data Management

Maintain valid reference data in a centrally managed solution and provide it to the whole organization for analytics, operational use cases, and data warehousing.

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No more spreadsheets, back-and-forth emails, or SQL nightmares.

No more spreadsheets, back-and-forth emails, or SQL nightmares.

An intuitive, feature-rich web app for your reference data.

With a powerful processing engine for data providing, too.


Scattered reference data?

Manage reference data centrally

Bring together reference data from different sources and manage it from a single app.


Contradictory reporting?

Provide valid reference data to systems and users

Our data processing engine cleanses and standardizes data, and provides it in batch and real-time.


Unclear ownership and security?

Ensure data governance

Get a full audit trail of changes to data, configurable workflows to match your business processes, and granular permissions.


Built to provide data for critical business processes


Reporting & analytics

Enable accurate reporting and reliable analytics by providing duplicate-free categorization of data, such as geographical categories, product types, currency codes, and others.


Data integration & warehousing

Maintain mappings between codes used in different systems for correct matching, integration, and loading data into a data warehouse.


Operational uses

Provide reference data to core systems, such as ERPs and frontend systems, to power your operations and decrease the chance of error.

A single interface to ensure data management and governance

BA single interface to ensure data management and governance
Review records that require your attention
Accept or reject changes and ensure only verified data is published.
Browse data in various ways
See dictionaries and records in the way that is natural to you: categories, hierarchies, joined views, or aggregated statistics.
Powerful filtering
Search by combinations of data attributes or workflow state and save your filter for later.
Switch between views
Focus on published, edited, historical, or imported records.

Only high quality reference data counts

Create a single version of truth for all of your reference data

Consolidate reference data from multiple sources and create a single version of the truth, cleansed and standardized.

DQ functions

Enjoy error-free authoring & editing

Create, edit, and delete all reference data from a single, intuitive web application. Avoid mistakes with real-time data quality checks.

Automated, tailored validations

Cross-table SQL validations
Length checks
Regular expressions
Unique keys

Plus third party integration with external reference data dictionaries and address solutions, such as Loqate.

Search & filtering

Find the right record with search and filter the results by user, workflow state, or any other attribute. Save your filters for later.

Search & filtering

Bulk operations

Save time when correcting multiple records and apply changes in bulk.

Reference data reporting

Get auto-updated aggregations and statistics about your reference data, and export this information to BI tools.

Custom data views

Join different reference tables into tailored views and maintain the ability to edit them with validations and referential integrity.

Search & filtering

Record hierarchies

Use record hierarchies for intuitive data browsing and alternative ways to find data. Easily create a record at any level of a hierarchy.

Search & filtering

Historical data snapshots

Review and export records for a specific period of time or any particular date. Roll back to a past version.

Search & filtering

Metadata-driven development

Configure the data model and generate data load interfaces, APIs, and user interface templates. No custom coding or duplicate configuration.

Reusable configuration
Easy change rollout

Version management

Plan ahead and create future values of reference data for smooth operations or new product launches.

Provide reliable reference data to your whole organization.

Ataccama ONE RDM lets you provide data to target systems of your choice in batch mode or via APIs.

Two-way synchronization
Historic data support
Provide reliable reference data to your whole organization.

Robust under the hood


High performance processing engine

Acquire and process any data volume from various sources simultaneously.



Supports horizontal and vertical scaling, and high availability mode.


Deploy anywhere

Deploy on premises, big data platforms, in hybrid environments, or in the cloud.


Flexible integration

Integrate and provide data in a variety of integration styles: batch, streaming, messaging, online (synchronous and asynchronous).


Configuration flexibility

Tailor the end solution to your needs without any coding, thanks to metadata-based configuration.



Complete transparency and security thanks to configurable workflows, a flexible permissions model, auditing all activities, and more.

Get started in just a couple of days

Because of its modular nature and simple architecture, Ataccama ONE RDM is easy to install. A working prototype takes just days to configure.

Get started in just a couple of days

And scale as you need

Grow with Ataccama as your business grows. Some of our largest customers manage 500+ dictionaries in Ataccama ONE RDM.

See Ataccama ONE RDM in action

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See Ataccama ONE RDM in action See Ataccama ONE RDM in action

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It doesn’t end with RDM

Well-managed reference data is key to successful Master Data Management. See what you can achieve with our flexible MDM.