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Build a 360 view of accurate customer data with Ataccama ONE MDM. Start improving regulatory compliance, operational effectiveness, marketing segmentation and other practices.

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Struggling with customer data accuracy? cross

Multiple versions of customer records
Legacy systems and siloed databases
Customer misidentification
data handling
Manual data handling
data quality
Data quality and integrity concerns
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If we can’t trust our customer data, we are not able to do any growth initiatives and communicate effectively with our clients.

Chantale Boulanger Director, Industrial Alliance

Start trusting your customer data

Easily adapt to regulatory changes

Ataccama ONE MDM keeps you ahead of new regulations. Worry less and act more by easily consolidating sensitive customer records from multiple data sources.

Rein in spiralling IT costs

Cut IT costs with Ataccama ONE MDM by avoiding costly duplicates. Reduce the need for additional or obsolete hardware with our efficient data handling processes.

Improve ROI on sales and marketing initiatives

Target better and spend smarter by using only accurate customer data. Consolidate records across products and departments to clearly define your ideal customer profile.

Boost security and compliance

Easily comply with data access, data erasure, and other user rights. Consolidate all personal information in an MDM hub and manage consent from one place.

Easily add new data sources

Seamlessly connect to new data sources with Ataccama ONE MDM. Acquire and process any volume of records from various systems simultaneously and in real time.

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Why Ataccama for
customer data consolidation

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AI-powered suggestions

Our AI can analyze your customer data and user interactions, suggest additional matching proposals and learn from any type of resolution.

Stay ahead with self-improving, AI-generated matching rules.

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Reliable & scalable data processing

Process any data volumes in complex, distributed data environments without compromising performance.

Leverage ONE catalog if you need to scan thousands of systems and petabytes of customer data.

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Embedded data quality

Without validated and standardized source data, you can’t achieve reliable matching results.

Validate and cleanse customer data with 300+ data quality functions built-in Ataccama ONE MDM.

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Extensive connectivity & deployment

Connect to any data source and deploy Ataccama data processing engines where your customer data resides.

Deploy anywhere. Enjoy the freedom to choose between cloud or on-premise deployment styles.

How Ataccama MDM works


Ataccama ONE MDM is a data source agnostic tool designed to integrate with your entire data landscape.

Easily connect to data sources and profile your customer data. Save time and resources with metadata-driven load interfaces, APIs, and user interfaces.

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Leverage our embedded DQ capabilities. Automatically validate and standardize source data for reliable matching results.

Catch duplicate records, group them and gain insights into your customer data. Identify anomalies, rectify them promptly and enrich records with external data.

match merge

Consolidate critical data in an MDM hub and manage consent from one place. Easily edit, update, and author new customer records in a user-friendly web interface.

Implement tailored workflows to approve data changes, notify relevant stakeholders, and publish updates.


Flexibly acquire and provide data to downstream applications, users or source systems. Enhance data availability with two-way sync.

Ensure valid, cleansed, and deduplicated customer data is provided back to client facing environment via real-time APIs, streaming or batch interfaces.