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The Future of Data Quality

Banking, Insurance & Finance

Clean data for marketing and sales, regulatory compliance, and product innovation.

Banking, Insurance & Finance
Innovate at the speed of data

Innovate at the speed of data

Digitalization is here for the financial industry: self-service banking, micro-investment apps, AI in insurance, and other financial technologies have already disrupted the sector.

To stay competitive and embrace digital transformation, financial institutions need to understand the location and contents of their data, catalog it, cleanse and consolidate data from disparate sources, and make it available across the organization.


How Ataccama ONE helps to achieve reliable risk modeling and fraud prevention

Ataccama ONE brings data together from multiple systems, consolidates it into records with complete, deduplicated, and up-to-date information, and provides data to other applications through APIs and scheduled jobs.

Reliable risk modeling and fraud prevention

Be confident that your risk and fraud specialists are using complete, validated, and consistently available data for their models. Access pre-existing data on-demand, or stream cleansed data into your machine learning fraud detection models.

How it works

How Ataccama ONE helps to achieve regulatory reporting without panic

Ataccama ONE automatically maps the required data, cleanses it, and provides it to downstream applications.

Regulatory reporting without panic

Transform regulatory reporting (Dodd-Frank, CCAR, BCBS 239, Basel II/III, Solvency II) from repetitive firefighting to a strategic initiative that is taken care of, whatever requirements may surface in the future.

How it works

“Ataccama, as a vendor, has been a phenomenal partner: flexibility and understanding of our needs in a pricing structure, system integration needs, deployment support, training and on-going customer engagement.“

Head of Enterprise Data
Finance industry

We managed to accomplish our goals since Ataccama deeply understands what a successful Data Governance program needs and they built in all those functionalities upfront.

Data Governance Professional
Finance industry

How Ataccama ONE helps to achieve effective marketing and sales

Ataccama ONE consolidates and cleanses data from all systems and provides you with reliable, complete information about your customers in the format you need. Ataccama ONE also lets you centrally manage reference data and provide it to subscribing systems, such as ERPs.

More effective marketing and sales

Create tailored offers and targeted marketing campaigns through granular customer segmentation enabled by reliable, cleansed data, including age, gender, location, and sales channel.

How it works

How Ataccama ONE helps to comply with privacy regulations

Ataccama ONE provides a bird's eye view of your data landscape by automatically crawling and discovering data sources, tagging data, and generating data lineage. By consolidating customer data in a central MDM hub, it then enables managing all PII and consent data centrally.

Comply with privacy regulations

Get a complete understanding of where you store and use PII data, effectively manage consents, and protect personal data (rectify, anonymize, or delete data as needed).

How it works

How Ataccama ONE ensures clean data for new products and services

Ataccama ONE enables you to understand the meaning and quality of your data, improve and govern it, and effectively provide it to users and systems.

Clean data for new products and services

Transform your business model and innovate by using only reliable data. Create data-driven products, services, or applications, and integrate them into existing processes and systems before launch.

How it works
Success Story

Raiffeisenbank a.s.

Data Quality
Financial Services

The European bank successfully consolidated customer portfolios for multiple acquisitions and built an MDM hub to power its operations, prevent fraud, and facilitate regulatory compliance.

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Raiffeisenbank a.s.

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