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Clean data for operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and satisfied patients.

Innovate at the speed of data

Serve your patients with reliable data at your fingertips

Digitalize your operations and harness the benefits of a comprehensive data management solution to understand your patients better and provide better services.

Ataccama ONE enables you to consolidate data from disparate systems, prevent bad data entry, implement a master patient index, and store protected health information (PHI) securely.


How Ataccama ONE helps to achieve a 360-degree view of your patients

Ataccama ONE deduplicates patient records, brings them to a central MDM hub, and enriches it with additional data, providing reliable information about each patient.

360-degree view of your patients

Understand and serve you patients better, with all relevant information available about them to your staff: diagnoses, treatment plans, contact details, billing information, and clinical study.

How it works

How Ataccama ONE helps to prevent mistakes in lab results and EHRs

Ataccama ONE automatically validates, cleanses, and standardizes data into an agreed format, so that researchers and medical personnel work with reliable data.

Prevent mistakes in lab results and EHRs

Avoid mistakes in interpreting lab results or EHR data found stemming from a lack of proper DQ processes.

How it works

How Ataccama ONE helps to comply with privacy regulations

Ataccama ONE provides a bird's eye view of your data landscape by automatically crawling and discovering data sources, tagging data, and generating data lineage. By consolidating customer data in a central MDM hub, it then enables managing all PHI and consent data centrally.

Comply with privacy regulations

Get a complete understanding of where you store and use PHI data and comply with GDPR, HIPAA, and other privacy regulations.

How it works

“The tool… provides a multi-domain RDM environment that provides workflows, alerting, data quality checks, referential integrity, auditing, history, with roll back capability, and multiple options to push the published data to targets, including two-way synchronization.“

Manager Enterprise Data Quality
Healthcare industry

“Immediate benefits coming from use of Ataccama quality suite“

AVP, Data and Analytics
Healthcare industry
Success Story

US Healthcare Provider

Data Quality

A major healthcare provider and facility operator in the United States implemented Ataccama ONE to scale their data quality across the enterprise.

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