Life Sciences

Clean data for clinical studies, regulatory compliance, and analytics.

Life Sciences
Innovate at the speed of data

Make better products with reliable data

Deploy a comprehensive data management solution for all of your data, including clinical studies, chemical compounds and substances, products, customers, suppliers, and partners.

Ataccama ONE enables you to consolidate data from disparate systems, prevent errors in data entry, curate reference data, gain a single view of customers and other parties, and more.


How Atacama ONE helps to manage salesforce and partners effectively

Ataccama ONE lets you bring data together from multiple applications, enrich it with transactional data, calculate aggregated metrics, browse relationships between entities, and work with data in a governed environmen

Manage salesforce and partners effectively

Calculate your spending with HCOs and HCPs and the value they bring you, and gain insights into sales force effectiveness.

How it works

How Ataccama ONE ensures clean data for clinical studies

Ataccama ONE standardizes incoming data from labs and research institutions and transforms outgoing data, dealing with the differences in format, structure, and system of measurement.

Clean data for clinical studies

Enable reliable analyses based on cleansed data and decrease the time your researchers spend on data preparation.

How it works

How Ataccama ONE gives you full control over product and substance data

Ataccama ONE consolidates product and substance data from various systems and creates a centrally managed system of record for your master data.

Full control over product and substance data

Create, edit, and approve changes to product and substance information in a governed, audited process and keep subscribing systems in sync.

How it works

“Take a data quality product and implement it in such a quick turnout time, it’s actually quite great“

Data Quality & Engineering Product Director
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