Data Fabric

Consistently deliver reliable data to users and applications at a fraction of the time and cost.

Data integration is the #1 area data leaders want to automate*

Manual data integration projects consume too much time for data stewards and data engineers. That time can be used more efficiently.

A data fabric architecture saves resources and provides data faster to business users—every time they need it.

* according to Gartner research

Establish a core with our self-driving data catalog

Ataccama ONE Data Catalog captures and stores rich metadata about your data sources. This includes data profiles, data quality, classification, lineage, access policies, data models, and more.

All of this metadata stays up-to-date automatically, so that you can reuse it and deliver data integration projects faster.

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Establish a core with our self-driving data catalog

How an AI-augmented catalog powers your data fabric


Find & understand

Easily find the data that you need with AI-powered search and data lineage.



Easily map data from source systems to a target model with automatic relationship discovery, lineage, similarity detection, and data classification.



Reuse available transformations and models for future data integration projects. Ataccama ONE suggests transformations based on existing data integration patterns.

Deploy data integration pipelines faster with active metadata

Metadata is not the end goal. Activate it to build and run your data fabric architecture.



Ataccama ONE generates data integration pipelines based on existing rules, patterns, data, and AI models.


Process data directly on big data platforms: data lakes, Hadoop and Spark clusters, and cloud data warehouses— without moving it anywhere.


Combine and orchestrate data transformation pipelines across all environments within the whole data fabric architecture.

Extensive platform support


Never miss a problem with your data integration pipeline

Ataccama ONE uses AI to detect anomalies when new data is processed. Then decide on the next appropriate action, and even stop the processing.

Never miss a problem with your data integration pipeline.
See anomaly details
Pinpoint the anomaly origin
Track the anomaly throughout the pipeline

Ensure timely data delivery to any consumer

Provide data in a variety of styles.



Create virtual data sets on demand without writing data anywhere and check your transformation.



Push integrated, reliable data into any analytical data store.



Provide data in real time to operational platforms and business processes through online APIs (web services, streaming, and messaging).

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Data migration

Migrate data between on-premises and cloud sources while ensuring data validity, removing duplicate records, and standardizing data.

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Cloud migration
Built-in data quality


With rich connectivity options and transformation capabilities, enable reliable and accurate analytics.

Power BI

Data acquisition and sharing

Easily integrate third-party data in your business processes and share information with your partners. Ingest, transform, standardize, and provide data in a variety of formats and integration styles, both batch and online.

Any source
Any format

Data virtualization

Combine data on demand into virtual views for analytics, data preparation, and data science. Leverage the data catalog to find and use data from different sources easily.

Data preparation

Easily join and transform data with Ataccama ONE and get your data into shape for your project fast. Thanks to native integration with the data catalog, find or import the right data easily.

Zero coding
Interactive transformations

Master data management

Get consolidated, duplicate-free master data and power MDM in your organization. Integrate data for third-party MDM solutions or run it as a native process within Ataccama ONE MDM.

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Quickly prototype ETL pipelines and use them in enterprise deployments, both standalone and as part of the data fabric architecture.


See what an Ataccama-powered data fabric can do for you

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See what an Ataccama-powered data fabric can do for you See what an Ataccama-powered data fabric can do for you

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