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Teranet Transforms Thanks to Ataccama Partnership

Teranet Transforms Thanks to Ataccama Partnership

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At a glance: Teranet and Ataccama

An award-winning statutory registry needed a partner to activate a new data governance program in a quick, secure and smooth manner—supporting only a one-woman data governance team. Ataccama ONE onboarded 54 mission-critical, intertwined business systems in 12 months, and contributed to a three-year plan that will ultimately drive a complete data transformation at Teranet.

Powerhouse female data lead seeks best-in-class partner

Teranet is Canada’s leader in the delivery and transformation of statutory registry services, considered a trusted source of data and market insights for the financial services, real estate, and government and utility sectors in the region. Its award-winning technology platforms partner with the Provinces of Ontario and Manitoba, and serve over 80,000 customers. 

Data is both a source of business intelligence and an integral product in their portfolio.

Customizable solutions can be tailored to specific client needs. As part of its growth strategy, Teranet wanted to build these data solutions faster without compromising on quality, given the heavily regulated environment in which it operates. Teranet also wanted to better trust its data for business-critical M&A decisions in the future.

Recognising the need for a sound data governance program to power this transformation, it hired a Manager of Data Governance, Catherine Yoshida, to solely build and implement such a program. 

Catherine turned to Ataccama for its unified data management solution, Ataccama ONE, to support her mission as a one-woman team driving significant change within Teranet.

“Ataccama ONE really is a one-stop-solution…that means everyone is capable of fully understanding our data asset inventory to power the next stage of our growth and ambitions.“

Catherine Yoshida - Head of Data Governance

Multi-year plan buy-in and collaboration

Teranet’s new Manager of Data Governance identified key initial objectives to support the first stage of her vision:

  • Create a data stewardship community and assign data owners;
  • Proactively manage data quality processes;
  • Protect and secure external and internal sensitive data.

In a proof of concept project alongside five other vendors, Ataccama built a flexible and highly customizable data catalog for building and managing Teranet’s data. In three months, Teranet smoothly onboarded one line of business and two data sources, impressing Catherine and the wider technology team, and was selected as the partner of choice.

What’s more, Ataccama supported Catherine’s pragmatic approach to the partnership.

A multi-year plan was put forward to the finance team at Teranet, breaking down the implementations of Ataccama ONE’s applications: 

  • Year one would focus on data governance and catalog components; 
  • Year two would look at the data lineage component; 
  • Year three, master data management. 

“Ataccama’s flexible and proactive work to drive product demonstration was key in ensuring our Architecture Review Board approved the whole project. It means I can grow Ataccama in the business alongside our own growth; we grow together!”

Catherine Yoshida - Head of Data Governance

As part of the KPIs for year one of the partnership, Catherine was keen to secure the following with Ataccama:

  • Classify all master, reference, system and authentication data inside the catalog;
  • Automate DQ monitoring, where appropriate;
  • Profile data daily to detect anomalies—and constantly train its AI;
  • Enjoy a straightforward implementation and integration.

Year one results demonstrate success

The partnership delivered. Within 12 months, Catherine, team of one, onboarded the following assets into Teranet’s data catalog:

  • 1 data lake
  • 54 mission-critical, intertwined business systems
  • 100 public data sources 
  • 54 000+ tables
  • 200+ business terms
  • On-prem operational data (SQL servers, Progress, and Oracle)

In Teranet’s quest for a catalog of catalogs that would deliver a single source of truth for LOB managers, Ataccama also helped monitor data throughout its entire lifecycle: from adding aggregated or raw data into the systems, to ingesting it into a data lake, and then transforming and cataloging the data. 

By the end of year one, Teranet was able to create multiple types of catalogs within Ataccama ONE to serve teams across the organization, including an enterprise catalog containing the entire ecosystem of data, an inbound catalog containing anything arriving externally, and an outbound catalog of data products delivered to Teranet’s clients. 

A total of 250 Teranet data stewards registered and started using the Ataccama ONE data catalog, over 12 percent of the workforce. They and the client benefited from the solution in three key ways:

  1. Connect data with Teranet data stewards to enable them to distribute data assets rapidly and precisely for external use, resulting in the accurate consolidation of comprehensive data to create value and provide more effective service to customers.
  2. Teranet data stewards are able to fully understand the data ecosystem reducing time spent searching to create data products more easily and in a self-service manner.
  3. Lower costs and increasing operational efficiency by having Teranet data stewards delivering high value, and better understanding of data health to drive critical strategic decisions.   
  4. Teranet’s leadership team can now make better M&A decisions by Ataccama providing data-related capabilities that support due diligence, data integration, compliance, and the efficient integration of systems and processes between organizations.

A multi-year plan; an ongoing relationship

Teranet’s data governance manager and leadership team have bought into its multi-year relationship with Ataccama. 

“Our multi-year strategy for our ongoing relationship with Ataccama aims to achieve ‘Mature to Manage’ maturity by continuously improving data quality, governance, data lineage, and integration, ensuring Teranet's agility, maintaining its reputation for data excellence, and meeting the evolving needs of our customers and partners."

Catherine Yoshida - Head of Data Governance

Data classification and access management will be an essential part of Teranet’s management of the risks associated with Generative AI.  As Teranet continues to push the boundaries of technology and deploy new AI solutions, Ataccama will help ensure that those solutions are secure, trusted, and don’t increase Teranet’s risk profile. As the world evolves, Teranet is now in an even stronger position to help its customers, securing itself, its data and its insights for the future.

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