Government and Public Sector

Clean data for serving your citizens faster and better.

Government and Public Sector
Innovate at the speed of data

Efficiency and innovation for your citizens through data

Join other digital government agencies and city councils who use data to radically improve services, manage city infrastructure, fight crime more effectively, and share data internally and externally.

Ataccama ONE connects siloed systems to a central MDM hub, brings all data together, and provides a clean, consolidated version to consuming systems and users.


How Ataccama ONE makes data available to all departments and offices

Ataccama ONE integrantes and consolidates fragmented citizen and geolocation data from disparate systems into a single MDM hub and makes data provision seamless for all consumers.

Make data available to all departments and offices

Give departments and offices shared access to data and provide services faster by not having to collect the same information from citizens repeatedly.

How it works

How Ataccama ONE helps to build new services and improve current ones

Ataccama ONE integrantes, consolidates, stores data from various sources to create a single version of truth, and provides data in a variety of modes, including online and streaming.

Build new services and improve current ones

Save time for your citizens with self-service portals and build new digital services with reliable data.

How it works

How Ataccama ONE helps to manage infrastructure and assets efficiently

Ataccama ONE is capable of integrating huge volumes of data from IoT-enabled infrastructure assets, producing actionable information, as well as keeping data consistent across systems.

Manage infrastructure and assets efficiently

Access complete and up-to-date asset information, create new records, edit data in a governed and audited process, and use this data for analytics.

How it works

How Ataccama ONE helps to comply with privacy regulations

Ataccama ONE provides a bird's eye view of your data landscape by automatically crawling and discovering data sources, tagging data, and generating data lineage. By consolidating customer data in a central MDM hub, it then enables managing all PII and consent data centrally.

Comply with privacy regulations

Get a complete understanding of where you store and use PII data, effectively manage consents, and protect personal data (rectify, anonymize, or delete data as needed).

How it works

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