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Raiffeisenbank a.s.

Raiffeisenbank a.s.

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The European bank successfully consolidated customer portfolios for multiple acquisitions and built an MDM hub to power its operations, prevent fraud, and facilitate regulatory compliance.

  • 4 systems consolidated on a daily basis, including the data warehouse
  • 3.2 million master customer records in the MDM hub
  • 2 million records processed in batch mode every day
  • 30k data retrieval API calls per day

Business objectives

  1. The initial touchpoint between Raiffeisenbank and Ataccama was to consolidate client portfolios after a recent acquisition with the goal of preventing customer duplication and preparing the consolidated portfolio for cross-selling.
  2. After another acquisition, the bank decided to launch a full-scale MDM initiative with Ataccama to handle customer matching in a more consistent and strategic manner.

Solution & benefits

Over the course of partnership with Ataccama, the bank consolidated customer portfolios of three banks and gradually moved from one-off tactical portfolio consolidations to strategic MDM working in batch and online modes. In batch mode, the MDM hub consolidates data from four source systems and exports data to the enterprise data warehouse for consumption by the whole organization. In online mode, the MDM hub prevents duplicates and detects fraud. 

The bank later extended its MDM solution to comply with GDPR regulation using out-of-the-box features of Ataccama ONE MDM.

Solution benefits include:

  • Reliable prevention of duplicate client records and an improved client experience
  • Full GDPR compliance
  • Successful implementation of a KYC initiative 
  • Fraud prevention in real time

Client Use Cases

A single customer view for GDPR and beyond

Raiffeisenbank established an MDM hub to achieve a single customer view with full information from all consolidated systems. Customer records are propagated to the enterprise data warehouse on a daily basis and enable full GDPR compliance, including the identification of client information in all systems and support for the right for erasure. Beyond regulation, the bank relies on deduplicated customer records to decrease costs and improve the efficiency of its marketing activities.

Online cleansing and validation

The bank deployed 5 web services powered by Ataccama ONE to cleanse and validate data entered by branch workers when creating or editing client records. The web services incorporate a number of external registries and black lists for validating addresses and legal entities, and detecting relationships between persons for fraud prevention.

Duplicate reporting

Based on daily processing, the bank generates a report of potential duplicate customer records to complement deterministic matching. The report is processed by customer care representatives who further investigate the data to verify the information. This gives the bank the flexibility to work manually with complicated matching cases and prevent false matches.

See the
in action

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