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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a US-based regulation that grants new rights to consumers regarding the collection and privacy of their personal data. Set to go into effect on January 1, 2020, fines for companies found to be out of CCPA compliance may reach $7,500 per violation.

Get ready for CCPA

Ataccama can help your organization build a comprehensive data solution, enabling you to store, process, share, and respond to requests about personal data fairly and in accordance with the law. Our solutions cover the entire scope of individual rights management on the data level, ranging from consent management, data lineage, and master & reference data management to data protection-specific metadata management and more.

Consent management: Determining (for every individual) which consumer data must be excluded from the personal information sales process (opt-out) and which personal information on minors can be included in that process (opt-in) based on a provable, affirmative authorization from minors or their guardians.

Master Data Management (MDM): Mastering and centralizing key data assets, including party (consumer), product, and reference data associated with related business processes. In terms of CCPA, MDM serves as a central point of access to all personal information related to uniquely identifiable consumer identities. An MDM-based CCPA solution naturally supports transparency and individual rights management consistency.

Data lineage: Tracking the origin, processing, and providing personal information-related data. Data lineage provides input for individual rights requirements on access and disclosures about personal information sharing or sales.

Consumer privacy-specific metadata management: Personal information classification, localization, including personal data inventory creation & maintenance.

Data portability: On-demand provision of personal information-related specific data elements in a readily transferable electronic format.

Deletion: Centrally controlled personal information-related data deletion in all relevant systems and data storages.

Get your business ready for CCPA

Ataccama has the experience and technical know-how to translate law and regulation into a comprehensive data solution.

Banking Group: Consumer Data Protection

Learn how a major banking group effectively implemented a customer data integration and centralized consent management solution with Ataccama.

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GDPR: European Banking Group

Ataccama implemented centralized consent management and authorization for the bank’s customer data, laying the foundation for GDPR compliance.

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