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Portfolio Consolidation for Mergers and Acquisitions

Gain insights into merged portfolios and identify business opportunities

Know what you are buying

Beyond due diligence before a merger or acquisition, the involved parties must know exactly how many clients and prospects they share in order to evaluate the real business potential of a deal.

Use Ataccama's advanced data cleansing and matching for a clear understanding of merged portfolios.

Gain insights into merged portfolios and identify business opportunities
Take a look inside

Gain a unified view of customers across merged portfolios

To integrate business processes, cleanse, match, and merge customer records in the portfolios, including related data such as products, addresses, and consents. Ataccama delivers integrated DQ and MDM capabilities in a single platform.

Analyze the overlap and assess profitability

With clean, deduplicated customer data, reliably analyze the overlap between merged portfolios. Avoid re-purchasing your existing client base, and identify cross-sell opportunities, new prospects, and risk of cannibalization.

Manage the сustomer lifecycle

With unequivocal customer identification across portfolios, track and influence customer status from prospect to active client and manage customer value and retention.

Beyond portfolio consolidation

When you choose Ataccama to help you with a merger or acquisition, not only do you get a consolidated, segmented customer portfolio, but also a running MDM solution, with the power to provide clean master data to the rest of your organization.

You can always extend your solution with other Ataccama modules to track data quality, actively manage reference data, do data prep projects, or migrate data to the chosen target system.

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