Your Industry

Even in the maturing markets of the United States and Western Europe, the telecommunications industry has never been more competitive. Thanks to deregulation and technological innovation, consumers have more choices than ever before—landlines, cellular, broadband, VoIP—from traditional players and aggressive newcomers. Growth depends on offering new services and expanding into new markets while retaining customers and controlling costs.

Your Data

There may not be a more data-intensive industry than telecommunications, where companies may generate more than 300 million new call detail records every day. By some estimates, a major telco has the largest volume of data in one unique database: more than 320 terabytes capturing more than 1.9 trillion call records. In addition, companies must be able to access this information in near-real time in order to combat fraud and track network performance, as well as mining the data to help develop new services and retain existing customers.

Your Solution

In the telecommunications industry, data is an essential operational resource as well as a key to new product development and customer service. As a result, data quality and master data management initiatives are essential. However, the data-intensive environment places heavy demands on these solutions in terms of performance and scalability. Ataccama products and technologies are specifically designed to excel in these high-performance, high-value deployments.

In order to be successful, telecommunications companies must find ways to up-sell and cross-sell while reducing churn, as well as reducing risk and meeting compliance requirements. This requires the ability to consolidate and validate huge volumes of data, often in real time, to provide customer insight. Some industry specific applications include:

  • Ordering
    • Provisioning
    • Other key processes (fulfilment, assurance, billing) automation
  • Contact centers and other distribution / communication channels with a holistic customer view
  • Service provided based on CLTV
  • Cross-selling
  • Collection process support
  • Credit risk / fraud management
  • Campaign management support
  • Churn risk management and churn prevention
  • Customer numbers reports
  • Regulatory reports
  • Support of all of the above-mentioned activities even during M&A activities

Your Real World Example

A global telecommunications provider turned to Ataccama technology to support an extensive data quality undertaking, including data quality management, data analysis, data cleansing and consolidation, and data governance. A DQ Firewall provides online verification to prevent erroneous data from entering the system. Consolidated data provides support for billing/network reconciliation and other key processes.

Solution Highlights:

  • Extensive program that combines DQ management and data governance
  • DQ Firewall provides online verification services
  • Consolidated master data supports key business processes, including billing, network reconciliation, etc.


  • More than 2 million parties, 3 million addresses
  • Hardware: 2 CPU, 8 GB RAM, Sun Solaris 64bit
  • Night batch – 20 minutes
  • Address DQ firewall - response < 0.1 second