Your Industry

The Media and Entertainment industry today remains fragmented, with legacy companies and start-ups delivering traditional and digital content to an audience that demands faster access, more locations, and greater customization. Companies are challenged to find better ways to create and distribute content, protect intellectual property rights and maintain audience loyalty when the competition is one click away.

Your Data

In order to maintain profitability and intellectual property rights protection, media firms have always had to maintain accurate information on where content was used and who was due royalties or other payments. In an increasingly digital environment where news, books, songs, movies and more can be accessed on demand through a variety of devices, the amount of data that must be tracked has greatly increased. In addition, companies must now gather and manage customer data across multiple channels in order to drive sales and ensure loyalty.

Your Solution

With so much information coming from so many sources, media companies require strong data management solutions in order to maintain and strengthen their competitive position. By design, technology from Ataccama has the power and scalability to handle multiple streams of data in real time.

Media companies must find ways to manage the transition to the digital world in order to take full advantage of new opportunities. This includes ensuring that rights are protected and proper payments are made, as well as transitioning to digital subscriptions and distribution. Typical industry applications include:

  • Royalties and Payments
    • Protect Intellectual Property Rights
    • Maintain accurate playlists and royalty payments
  • Subscription Management
    • Consolidate physical and online subscriptions
    • Link subscriptions to billing system
  • Content Management
  • Accurate catalogs and directories
  • Marketing
  • Content Management and distribution
  • Risk Management and Compliance

Your Real World Case Study

A large European publisher of business directories and guides used Ataccama Data Quality Center to support a move to new, electronic channels. Information from the main database was consolidated and cleansed in DQC, then used to create online versions of the directories. The information also flows back into the primary database and periodic cleansing is performed to ensure high levels of data quality. The updated data also is used for marketing purposes.

Solution Highlights:

  • Consolidated data helps to eliminate numerous duplicates in online directories
  • The automated cleansing and consolidation reduces the amount of the data for manual cleansing and deduplication
  • The use of cleansed data raises customer satisfaction with the online directories and made it more usable for the end users
  • The cleansed data that is propagated back to the primary system solves data issues directly at the source
  • The consolidated data is used for a periodical sales campaign preparation and prevents a situation in which a client is contacted twice because of duplicate data or is part of a wrong regional campaign due to a bad address
  • The solution provides an accurate foundation for the client database, that can be expanded as other data sources can be plugged-in