Protect Personal Customer Data

Comply with current and future privacy regulations, gain a better understanding of your data landscape, and gain insights into your customers.

Protect Personal Customer Data

Control the personal data you process and store

Ensure compliance with personal data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA to manage reputational risk and avoid substantial fines to your organization.

With Ataccama ONE, discover relevant data, manage consents and data sharing, and erase or anonymize data as needed.

The data protection framework

Identify personal data

Automatically discover PII data by profiling all your data sources or your data lake. Locate sensitive data and generate a report with all locations and data attributes.

Consolidate personal data

Create a central master data hub with golden records for all customer data, including addresses, contacts, products, and consents. Avoid conflicting records that result in errors and potential fines.

Manage consents

Customer consent management for the use of personal data across various channels and purposes is key to effective compliance with privacy regulations. Maintaining consents with Ataccama is quick, simple, and subject to an approval workflow, with lifecycle management and the audit trail provided.

Prepare necessary data interfaces

Efficiently satisfy personal data-related requests by your customers. Configure and use online and batch interfaces to export, provide, and modify data, and delete it in all source systems and storages recursively from the golden record.

Anonymize Data

Encrypt or mask personal information for cases where it is required, such as in development and testing environments. Ataccama's reusable masking components let you classify and tag specific types of information and anonymize it automatically.

Beyond privacy regulation compliance

When you choose Ataccama for a data privacy project, you get a fully functioning Master Data Management solution with integrated Data Quality. You can build upon it, change MDM style, and fully manage it.