Data Stories

Create data-driven narratives that
explain reports to your audience.


Visualize and analyze data from multiple sources


Add explainers and connect the dots for your audience


Create a data story out of multiple visualizations


Share a link to your story or embed it on a webpage

Why Data Stories

Data Stories combines the best parts of data visualization, storytelling, and reporting from presentation tools like PowerPoint and reporting tools like PowerBI and Tableau.


BI dashboards can be overwhelming

Data Stories present facts and statistics gradually and let you use various charts and explainers to drive a point home.


Slide decks don’t stay up to date

Data Stories can connect to a live data set and update the story along with the data. You don’t have to copy and paste new charts for each new report.


Data visualization tools don’t let you tell a story

Data Stories lets you connect multiple data sets, analyze data, and create a storyboard where you can explain your insights.


Visualize and analyze data

  • Upload a flat file, provide a URL to a live data set, or connect to Google Drive.
  • Use Data Explorer to prepare your data
  • Come up with a narrative.
Refine your story

Refine your story and enhance reports

  • Add boards to gradually unveil facts
  • Use steps within boards to explains insights
  • Add filters and drilldowns

Share your story

  • Generate a link to your story and easily share it with others
  • Set expiry dates
  • Embed stories into any web page

Keep your audience engaged

  • Viewers can read the story at their own pace
  • Viewers can interact with stories and drill down into details that interest them
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Data Stories is part of the Ataccama ONE platform

Use any data and metadata from Ataccama ONE and do custom analysis.

See use cases below
⚡ Data Stories + Data Catalog

Build a report catalog

Data exploration and reporting built into Ataccama ONE

  • Import data sets via the Data Catalog or ONE Data.
  • Build reports based on trusted data
  • Publish reports to the Data Catalog and share with everyone
Learn more about Data Catalog
Use one date for rules
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⚡ Data Stories + Data Quality

Create custom data quality analysis and reporting

Import data quality monitoring results and create custom reports and data stories

  • Seamlessly import data quality monitoring results
  • Create different views to identify data quality trends and outliers
  • Build custom reports that can be easily shared with other stakeholders
Learn more about Data Quality

data democratization


Create a culture of communication

Give everyone a means to share insights within their team or company-wide.

Simplify reporting workflows

Simplify reporting workflows

Save time creating reports. With stories, reports stay up to date when data changes.


Make information readily available

Create easy-to-consume reports that stay up-to-date and effortlessly onboard new employees.

Data catalog

Data playground

Access data through our data catalog and get insights from the data set without external help.

Interested in Data Stories for the enterprise?

Features that will help you tell and share your data stories


Cross-filtering and drill-downs

Compare data in real time by filtering and interacting with charts in the same view.


Animated steps

Create animated transitions between charts to highlight specific data or explain what’s shown on the chart.


Share stories with ease

Effortlessly share stories via a link with anyone inside or outside your organization.


Custom explainers

Add comments and explainers to your stories, or let the AI do it for you.


Automated data updates

Set up recurring synchronization so that your stories stay up-to-date.


Time machine

Leverage dynamic animations to show how information evolves over time.

All the visualizations
you need

Change over time

Bar chart

Line chart

Heat map


Scatter chart

Bubble chart

Heat map


Pie chart

Doughnut chart

Bar chart


Category chart

Bubble chart

Bar chart


Histogram selection

Histogram chart


Category chart

Bar chart


Country map

Scatter map

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