Groupwide Customer Data Integration

Gain new, deeper insights into your customers, enable more accurate marketing, and improve customer experience.

Groupwide Customer Data Integration

A single view of your customers in context

Large multinational corporations grown through acquisitions often have huge unrealized potential because of unconsolidated customer master data on the group level. A single customer view at the group level offers better customer insights in addition to improved marketing and cross-sell opportunities.

Benefits of a group-wide view

Centralized consent management

Customer data consolidated across the group shows a clear picture of given consents and makes it clear to anyone within the group which data can be used for which purposes.

Residential householding

Match customers to households for more accurate family offers, reduced campaign fatigue, and improved campaign targeting. Identify household decision makers and influencers and calculate risk metrics more accurately.

Commercial householding

Understand connections between groups of customers (including legal entities) and identify beneficial owners for better risk and opportunity management.

Identify business opportunities

With a single view of the customer across the group, accurately identify cross-sell opportunities, reduce the cost of acquisition, offer tailored products, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Beyond group consolidation

When you choose Ataccama for a group consolidation solution, you get a running MDM solution capable of complex matching across different contexts, not a one-off deliverable.