Consistent, valid, and available enterprise reference data

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In many organizations, the search for a “single version of the truth” in one data set results in a multitude of truths in other data sets. Ataccama’s Reference Data Manager (RDM) enables you to maintain a consistent representation of reference data across all departments and databases in your organization.

This user friendly web-based application provides the flexibility and workflow functionality needed to create a company-wide reference data environment that is not only secure and powerful, but easy to use as well.

RDM allows collaboration between IT and business users to manage all of an organization’s important internal data in one centralized place and to facilitate the distribution of changes in data to all systems requiring notification, on customized terms and schedules.

And, of course, RDM is part of our proven family of products, forming the basis of a complete data quality, data governance or master data management solution.

RDM is now available even on demand

You can choose the deployment model that works best for your organization. Read about all the benefits and sign up for your free RDM on Demand trial.


  • Data Management. RDM allows users to synchronize, create, update, manage, and monitor reference data that is used across the entire organization.
  • Workflows. All aspects of the record managing process are fully configurable.
  • External Interfaces. The application is capable of obtaining and updating external data.
  • History. A full history is maintained for each data record in the application.
  • Role-based security. Full role-based security, with the option to use organizational structures. RDM can also leverage your existing LDAP and Single Sign On solutions.
  • Modern, web-based interface. Minimal requirements on the client machine—all that is necessary is a web browser.


User-friendly interface for reference data entry and review

RDM’s thoughtfully designed web-based interface neatly presents the information users need to easily define and manage important data critical to any organization.

Customizable approval workflow for confirmation of entered data

Multi-level workflow capabilities enforce permissions, facilitates data export and synchronization, and keeps track of history, changes and user activities in support of Data Governance initiatives.

Secure multi-user environment

Access to each entity and individual data record is controlled by configurable permissions, which are commonly based on security roles. Using attributes obtained from the company directory and the actual data, even stricter access rules can be established.

Customizable data propagation back end, fully integrated with Ataccama DQC

Users can manage all important internal data in one place and RDM is flexible enough to publish changes to all dependent systems and applications. Combined with Data Quality Center, companies will have a powerful integrated platform for supporting and maintaining enterprise-wide data quality.

Flat and hierarchal data handling capabilities

From simple lists of values that should be used synchronously in validations throughout the enterprise to complex hierarchies driving revenue and expense reports, RDM is the right tool for managing the reference data needed to run a profitable and efficient business.