An essential tool for continuous data improvement

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In the end, data must be managed like any other valuable business resource. Ensuring high data quality means monitoring new data as it enters the system and existing data as it is analyzed and updated. It also means identifying and resolving issues that cannot be resolved by an automated data quality tool.

DQ Issue Tracker (DQIT) is designed to help you constantly improve your data. It provides an easy-to-use tool for identifying, resolving, and monitoring data quality issues that cannot be addressed without additional information or intervention. As the defects are corrected, the source systems are updated, resolving the original faulty data. DQIT can even respond to data changes in real time, allowing issues to be identified and addressed before they propagate through your systems.

DQIT includes a comprehensive set of reports for monitoring the data quality issues resolution process. It also integrates seamlessly with other Ataccama products to create a smarter, end-to-end solution for data quality management.


  • Issue resolution. Detect, manage, and monitor data quality issues, with built-in resolution screens that account for all types of data issues types.
  • Configurable workflows. All aspects of the issue resolution process are fully configurable.
  • Full audit history. Determine "who, what, when, and where," as well as construct advanced reports.
  • Role-based security. Full role-based security, with the option to use organizational structure. DQIT can also leverage your existing LDAP and Single Sign On solutions.
  • Full range of reports. Various reports are available to monitor issue status, both in current time and historically.
  • Modern, web-based interface. Easy-to-use, web-based interface.


Helps your DQ processes evolve

Even the best automated data quality process cannot resolve all the issues in the data—some it can only identify. With DQIT, you can detect and correct these errors, perform manual cleansing, eliminate duplicates, and perform manual match and merges where automated processes are impossible or prone to risk.

Make sure the right corrections are being made

With DQIT, you can inspect and confirm the cleansing and matching corrections suggested by the data quality tool, or override them as necessary.

Know if your process is working... and how to improve it

DQIT includes a full range of reports that help you monitor the progress of you data quality efforts and suggest areas for improvement.

Easy to use and customize

DQIT features a clean, modern interface that you can access using a web browser on just about any PC. It also features fully configurable workflows, security constraints, page templates, and a flexible model that allows you to deal with an unlimited number of issue types and entities.