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DQ Dashboard
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Quality data is the critical raw material in business today, and is a key factor in process design, analysis, and decision making. Unfortunately, data quality changes over time, driven by such factors as increasing volume and new data sources. That means businesses of all sizes and in all industries must be able to monitor data quality continuously.

Ataccama’s Data Quality Dashboard (DQD) application provides a quick, accurate snapshot of the current state of your data. In addition, DQD is an excellent tool for tracking data quality trends.

In other words, DQD is the ideal solution for any organization that wants to work smarter and improve their processes and decision making by tracking the quality of the data in their systems.

And, of course, DQD is part of our proven family of products, forming the basis of a complete Data Quality, Data Governance, or Master Data Management solution.


  • Customizable dashboard. For a management-level overview to dashboards specific to individual users.
  • User-defined alerts. Instant notification of critical situations.
  • Data-domain independent. Monitor the quality of your product and customer data at the same time.
  • Drill-through. Track problems to their source by drilling through to original records.
  • Rules definition visualization. Quickly understand the cause of invalid data.
  • Ease of use.
    Modern, web-based interface.


Work smarter

Understand the quality of the data that underlies your most important decisions and processes.

Identify gaps and areas for improvement

Detailed understanding of data indicators and values across your systems.

Calculate ROI of DQ tools and initiatives

Provides an easy visual interface to accurately monitor the effects of DQ initiatives.

Works across the enterprise

Works comprehensively across multiple data domains: internal or external,
customer, product, or other data.