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Ataccama ONE
Platform Features

A Self-driving Data Management platform combining collaborative data stewardship, a robust data processing engine, machine learning, multiple deployment options, and enterprise-proven capabilities.

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Collaborative Data Stewardship

Ataccama ONE offers a responsive, state-of-the-art UI and UX, smart features leveraging machine learning, self-service data preparation, a Data Catalog for full context, and team collaboration on data projects.

Smart features leveraging machine learning, providing insight, and reducing the need for manual configuration.

Self-service approach for Data Stewards (minimizing the need for technical specialists).

Collaboration across the whole platform enables teams to share their projects, comments, and create an effective workflow.

Data Catalog provides central storage for all metadata ever discovered or created in Ataccama ONE. This information is easily accessible and can be leveraged for future projects, providing the full context and native support for information governance.

Responsive, state-of-the-art UI and UX: Ataccama ONE is easy to use. Our designers pay special attention to the ergonomics of data stewards.

AI & Machine Learning

Smart features in the Ataccama ONE platform enable greater self-service, lower the need for technical developers and manual configuration, and reduce time to market. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used in the platform in two main ways:

To simplify and automate the configuration process, including automated metadata discovery, automated project configuration, and evaluation of results.

AI at runtime, including machine learning-based matching, cleansing and classification, active learning from user interactions (especially from issue resolution), and anomaly detection in data loads.

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Robust Data Processing Engine

Ataccama ONE is powered by a robust data processing engine of unmatched performance, responsible for data transformations, the evaluation of business rules, and matching and merging rules, etc. It supports any data, domain, and various integrations.

Any data – Ataccama ONE processes data from varied data sources. It can connect to any kind of database, including relational databases (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL, Teradata, DB2, etc.) and NoSQL databases (e.g. HBase, Cassandra, etc.). Ataccama ONE can read and write data in various file formats, including text files (i.e. delimited, fixed width, and complex files in mainframe formats), XML, JSON, Avro, Parquet, XLS(X), DBF, and more.

Any domain – Ataccama ONE engine is fully configurable and domain agnostic. It comes with pre-built rules for Data Quality 
& MDM for typical domains like Customer, Contact, or Product.

Integration – Ataccama ONE also integrates with real-time data sources through message brokers (e.g. Kafka or JMS compatible queue) or web services (e.g. REST, SOAP). Ataccama ONE also offers connectors to other systems (e.g. Salesforce).

Unmatched performance and scalability – Thanks to the state-of-the-art algorithms and data structures, Ataccama ONE engine is able to meet the highest performance and scalability demands.

Multiple Deployment Options

Ataccama ONE was designed to shine in any environment. It offers an extensive range of deployment options, including support for data in motion and multiple new formats relevant to IoT scenarios. You can also choose from various operating models, ranging from simple delivery of the software to a fully managed solution and services.

On premise

  • On premise traditional environments (Unix, Linux, Windows, RDBMS)
  • On premise Hadoop (MapReduce) cluster deployment supporting major distributions
  • On premise Spark deployment

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  • Cloud-based Spark (Databricks)
  • Amazon and Azure deployment (private, public) including managed service offering
  • Multi-tenant Software as a Service (available for selected modules)

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Enterprise-Proven Capabilities

Ataccama ONE is ready for mission critical deployment in digital organizations. This includes meeting various security, compliance, and availability requirements:

High availability – Ataccama ONE is deployable in various high availability modes, including active-active. High availability makes it possible to minimize system downtime and operate a system safely on a continuous, daily basis.

Identity management – Ataccama ONE supports role-based security, LDAP integration, single sign-on, and two-factor authentication.

Audit log and data lineage – Ataccama ONE provides a full audit history. It stores detailed information about all applied business rules and transformations to both the record and data set levels.

GDPR ready – Regulatory requirements are one of the most frequent drivers for the deployment of Ataccama ONE. We can translate laws and regulations into a comprehensive data solution.

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