Toronto Public Library partners with Ataccama to modernize data management practices across their library systems


Toronto, Canada, May 28, 2019, Ataccama—a world recognized leader in delivering smart and collaborative data curation solutions—has partnered with Toronto Public Library, one of the busiest public library systems in the world, to modernize data management practices across 100 different branches.

“We are proud to work with Toronto Public Library to increase the speed and quality of decision making across the organization, and build best practice standards that will lead by example for all library systems across the globe,” states Afshin Lotfi, Ataccama VP of North America.

Toronto Public Library is taking a two-tiered, comprehensive data quality management project which entails the use of Ataccama ONE Data Quality Management to discover and resolve disparities through automated data cleansing. In addition, the process will lead to integration of TPL’s current library interface with Ataccama ONE to allow its AI and machine learning capabilities to keep information about the current data quality state readily available.

“Ataccama’s DQ solution is and will be a much anticipated and needed solution to managing complex and longstanding data quality challenges at TPL,” states EY Park, Head of Information Management and CRM, Toronto Public Library.

For EY Park’s full client interview see:

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