Ataccama Innovate 2023 On Demand

Another year of exciting data events is behind us, and it's time to welcome back Ataccama Innovate! This year's installment focused on the future of data quality management and the capabilities companies need to stay at the forefront of their industry.

With data observability creating a lot of buzz, we want to help the data people community understand its role in a data quality initiative and that it's just one part of a bigger, more complete solution.

We’ve made Innovate 2023 available for your review – so you can refresh your knowledge, share it with your teams, and catch anything you might have missed.

Unifying the data quality lifecycle: why single-purpose solutions aren't enough in 2023

Data quality has come a long way in recent years, becoming more accessible and instantly valuable for a variety of users. Watching these advancements, we have confirmed that data quality must be an AI-powered, unified end-to-end experience available to everyone.

In the presentation, our VP of product, David Kolinek, walks us through the data quality life cycle, explaining that all data must be documented, understood, improved, governed, and have future issues prevented. The problem is that many organizations employ single-purpose tools for each of these tasks.

Companies using multiple tools might run into some challenges:

  • High licensing cost. Having to license multiple tools is always more expensive than only licensing one.
  • More challenging maintenance and integration. Integration of disparate tools is mandatory to provide a unified platform for end users. It will require a lot of your staff's time to set up and maintain these integrations, distracting from focusing on the core business.
  • Poor user experience. Having multiple different tools integrated, designed with different mindsets, and using different software will undoubtedly lead to problems in the UX.

The answer to these problems is having a single, unified data management platform to handle every stage of the data life cycle. Enter Ataccama ONE. Our data catalog, data quality, and data observability solutions are all contained in the same unified platform, providing end-to-end self-service data quality at every stage of the journey.

Imagine an interface fully accessible to all users, regardless of technical ability, even allowing them to participate in data preparation, a task previously thought of as exclusive to highly skilled technical individuals. Curious about how it all works? You'll find a detailed workflow walkthrough here.

Otherwise, you can rewatch the video from Innovate below, where Lenka Studnicna demonstrates our platform's capabilities in several real-world scenarios.

Customer interviews

We know that a robust data quality practice is an end-to-end experience. During Innovate 2023, we heard snippets from Ataccama customers and industry experts about how they see data management capabilities, what they think is essential, what worked for their use cases, and more!

We'd like to extend special thanks to our customers for providing this feedback. We also encourage you to keep a close eye on our socials (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter) and website for the full versions of these interviews to be posted soon.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to continue the conversation, schedule a chat with our team.

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