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How Ai Is Transforming Data Management

We leverage machine learning in our Ataccama ONE Data Catalog in the following ways:

Toronto Public Library S Ey Park Talks Ai Data Ataccama

Blog Post

Avast Software

Customer Success Story
Avast differs from other next-gen companies in that it has an immense cloud-based machine learning engine that receives a constant stream of data from its hundreds of millions of users, which facilitates learning at unprecedented...

Major Canadian Retailer

Customer Success Story
We improved the retailer’s data quality with cleansing and standardization, and performed data mastering and consolidation (including high quality deterministic matching, fuzzy algorithms, machine learning algorithms, and interpretation).

Platform Features

Smart features leveraging machine learning, providing insight, and reducing the need for manual configuration. Self-service approach for Data...


Ataccama ONE is an Augmented data management platform combining collaborative data stewardship, a robust data processing engine, machine learning, multiple deployment options, and enterprise-proven capabilities.

Ataccama Included In The Gartner Peer Insights Voice Of The Customer Master Data Management Solutions Report

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Toronto Public Library Partners With Ataccama To Modernize Data Management Practices Across Their Library Systems

In addition, the process will lead to integration of TPL’s current library interface with Ataccama ONE to allow its AI and machine learning capabilities to keep information about the current data quality state readily available.

Uk Banking Group

Customer Success Story

Global Biotechnology Leader

Customer Success Story
Given the nature of their biotechnology business, which includes factories for industrial-grade ethanol and a significant number of factory machines producing vast amounts of data, the company sought to take data from 100+ factories and compile it into a single database. Centralizing...
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