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Ataccama Named ‘Vendor with the Happiest Customers’ in Information Difference MDM Landscape 2020 Report

Toronto, Canada, August 19, 2020, Ataccama—a leading provider of self-driving data management and governance solutions—has been featured once again in the Information Difference MDM Landscape report, and was highlighted in 2020 as “the vendor with the happiest customers.”

“We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have with our customers. Perhaps more so than any other vendor on the market, our clients are the co-builders of our software—the Ataccama ONE platform. We align and adjust our product development to meet clients’ data management and governance needs, a strategy that’s proven to be key to our success," says Ataccama CEO Michal Klaus.

The report highlights the increasing role of AI and automation in the MDM market, as well as the increasing popularity of cloud migrations. These are all areas which Ataccama has made significant investments into over the past year.

“From our market-leading AI and automation capabilities to extensive experience with Cloud migrations and hybrid data environments, we’re happy to continue to offer our customers a robust product with all-star support and services,” concludes Klaus.

Get your free copy of the report here.

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