Data Quality Issue Tracker

A user-friendly web application that allows data stewards to resolve various data quality issues that cannot be managed or fixed automatically and require their approval or other manual intervention.

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Along with Data Quality Dashboard (DQD), DQIT runs on top of the DQC engine to complete the Ataccama ONE Data Quality & Governance solution.

  • Data Quality Center (DQC)—a powerful, business rule driven engine for complex data management that enables you to transform, standardize, cleanse, validate, correct, and enrichyour data, and prevent incorrect data from entering your systems.
  • Data Quality Dashboard (DQD)—enables data stewards and business users to monitor data quality continuously, view its current state, track trends, and use this insight to make informed business decisions.

The diagram below depicts a typical Data Quality process employing these key components:

Data Quality process

DQIT is an application for data stewards that allows them to resolve various data quality defects, including matching proposals. The problematic records identified by DQC are stored asdata quality issues. The application allows the users to prioritize, assign, resolve, and monitor them. Once the defects are fixed, corrected data can be propagated back to the source system or processed otherwise according to the specific project requirements.

DQIT seamlessly integrates with other Ataccama products, minimizing configuration and deployment efforts.

Product features

Issue resolution

DQ Issue Tracker continuously detects, manages, and monitors data quality issues based on the defects in the data. The application contains built-in resolution screens for the most common data quality problems.

Configurable workflows

All aspects of the issue resolution process are fully configurable, including the number of steps in the workflow, conditions, permissions, and actions to be performed. Different workflows can be used for different types of issues, systems, or entities.

Full audit history

DQ Issue Tracker keeps a full audit history of all changes made. This information can be readily usedfor determining “who, when, what, and why” as well as constructing advanced reports.

Role-based security

DQ Issue Tracker provides full role-based security with the option to leverage organizational structure to provide even finer-grained access control based on the employee’s role or department. DQ Issue Tracker can also leverage your existing LDAP and Single Sign-On solutions.

Full range of reports

DQ Issue Tracker provides a set of reports which allow managers to monitor the status of the process and data steward performance, both in current time and historically.

Ease of use

DQ Issue Tracker uses a modern web-based user interface with minimal requirements on the client machine. Only a web browser is necessary.

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