The State of Data Governance

Jan 20 10:00 AM EST


January 20th at 10am ET / 3pm UK

Data protection and privacy regulations have been major drivers for data governance initiatives around the globe. They have expanded the scope of data governance from an initial technical focus to include data privacy, protection, and sovereignty. But with organizations looking to leverage more and more data for business decision making, the scope for data governance expands again to include collaboration, literacy, quality and compliance. To be successful, data governance must now become a team effort combining technology, processes and people.

In this webinar, Forrester principal analyst Achim Granzen will lay out the current state of data governance, discuss how your data governance strategy must adapt, and how data governance frameworks and solutions can help you mature your capabilities in data governance and better leverage your organization’s data assets.

Achim and David Kolinek, Ataccama’s VP of Product Management, will engage in a fireside chat to discuss techniques, examples and insights to help you embrace the future of data governance for your organization. They will be welcoming your perspectives and questions in an open-floor Q&A.