Ataccama Acquires Tellstory, an Intelligent Data Visualization Platform

Tellstory acquisition announcement

Toronto, Canada, February 25, 2021—Ataccama, a leading provider of self-driving data management and governance solutions, has announced the acquisition of Tellstory, an innovative startup and easy-to-use data visualization platform that provides a unique, visually appealing, and engaging way to tell data-driven stories. The acquisition advances Ataccama’s vision of giving businesses and data teams the ability to innovate at unprecedented speed while maintaining trust, security, and governance of their data. It enriches the flagship Ataccama ONE platform, completing the AI-powered data management and governance fabric with data visualization capabilities.

Tellstory showcase

The companies share a strong cultural and technical compatibility, as well as a vision for democratizing access to data and improving data literacy in organizations. This compatibility was one of the key factors in the decision to acquire Tellstory. It will enable further development of Tellstory as an integral part of Ataccama ONE, ensuring that Ataccama users continue to enjoy the ease and advantages of a seamless, unified platform experience.

“Tellstory solves the problem of dashboards that are highly useful for analysts with specific, complex requirements, but painful for readers who are less skilled at configuring a BI tool, interpreting data, and finding critical bits of information. It visualizes data through data-driven stories, similar to a dynamic infographic. It leverages AI to provide active intelligence and data insights, selecting and highlighting the most interesting facts for the reader and recommending the optimal way to visualize them,” says David Lazar, UX Designer of Tellstory.

Ataccama ONE Gen2 gives every user in a company the ability to easily find, understand, trust, and use their data assets. With embedded data profiling, data quality monitoring, and data previews, users are able to peek inside the data to understand if it’s fit for the intended use, and if it can be trusted. Tellstory will take this experience to another level by providing rich data stories, relevant to a particular user or a team, on top of cataloged data assets. Data stewards will be able to add business context to the data, providing a deeper view into the business value of given data assets without the user ever leaving the platform. 

Tellstory will also provide intelligent reporting capabilities for data quality projects, making it easy to share customized data quality reports. Similar functionality will be available on top of master data management repositories.

“The tool’s ability to intelligently select data elements and highlights to present fits perfectly with Ataccama’s ambition to provide users with a self-driving experience in data management and governance. Tellstory’s vision, aims, technology, and company culture are closely aligned to those of Ataccama, making it a good match for Ataccama at the company and product levels.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The entire team and leadership has joined Ataccama as part of the product organization.

Tellstory will be launched as a multi-tenant tool with a free tier version available, along with the Ataccama ONE Gen2 GA release in March 2021. Later in the year, Tellstory will be integrated within the existing Ataccama ONE platform for a seamless user experience. It will enhance data exploration in the Ataccama Data Catalog and provide intelligent analytical capabilities on top of Ataccama ONE.

Tellstory Editor Story

Ataccama’s customers will see increased value and benefits, including:

  • Rich data asset visualization in the Data Catalog module, allowing data stewards to add business context to data and helping data consumers understand what data will best fit their use case
  • AI-powered, advanced reporting and storytelling capabilities on top of data quality monitoring projects, allowing users to easily share and customize their data quality reports
  • Intelligent analytics on top of the Data Governance suite, providing data stewardship insights 
  • The ability to create advanced analytical dashboards and stories on top of master data management repositories, and create custom reports
  • Self-driving, visual data storytelling capabilities to enhance their existing BI & analytical landscape

Tellstory is now Data Stories. Give it a try at

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