Data Visualization

Data visualization is any visual representation of a dataset to report or communicate information. It’s the most accessible method for conveying the information contained within a dataset. Data visualizations can come in many shapes and sizes, including charts, tables, pictures, information graphics, maps, etc. 

Companies usually build their data visualizations through software like Google Slides, Microsoft Powerpoint, or Ataccama Data Stories. When creating them, it’s essential to follow some of the conventions of creating great visualizations, like using text to provide context or avoiding confusing and overwhelming representations of data. 

As we enter the age of “big data,” it becomes even more essential to inform all the necessary parties of the valuable information that your data contains. Scientists and analysts will be able to extract most of the information themselves. Still, business users and other individuals will be reliant on your company’s data visualizations to keep them up to date. It will be the business's primary tool for data communication.