We have launched Ataccama ONE Gen2!

We have launched Ataccama ONE Gen2! Cover Image

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On Nov 16, we unveiled our new platform for data management & governance—Ataccama ONE Gen2. If you missed the launch keynote, watch it below or read on for a  summary of everything that's new.

Self-driving experience: From intent to result in one step

We have brought the user experience of self-driving cars to data management and governance. What does this mean? When you sit into a self-driving car, you express your intent to get from point A to point B. After this, the car does everything for you: it observes traffic lights, scans the road for dangers, makes decisions to overtake other cars, and so on.


In the same way, Ataccama ONE Gen2 lets users express intent and provides them with results in one step, automating all the intermediate steps that would otherwise need to be done manually.

Some examples:

  • Business analyst: "Give me a data quality report for purchase order data for the last two months."
  • Compliance officer: "I need a report of data sources where we store PII data"
  • Algorithm: "Provide me with an API with customer and product ownership information. "

Unifying data management disciplines

We have built Ataccama ONE Gen2 from the ground up to unify data management disciplines. It uses shared metadata, AI core, and  data processing engines across the platform, and it has a unified application layer built on top of that.

From a technical perspective, this means zero time spent integrating solutions, easier configuration and monitoring, and easier integration into the existing data infrastructure.

From business perspective, this means:

  • Instant access to high quality, governed data for users and machines, and faster time to value.
  • No more conflict between governance and agility, since data governance is built in.

The first fully automated data catalog

Our data catalog is at the core of Ataccama ONE Gen2. It stores all metadata and automates various workflows, such as data classification, data quality monitoring, and data model creation.


Key features:
  • Search: Start typing and get results with automatic suggestions.
  • Data preview: Understand what's inside with data snippets and data profiling information.
  • Automated data lineage: Understand how the data was created, calculated, and transformed along the way, and perform impact analysis. Our lineage is augmented with information on data quality and business terms.
  • Business glossary: Define business terms and structure them as you need, all in a governed workflow. See aggregated statistics about each term and domain.
  • Metadata management: Keep track of any metadata: KPIs, BI reports, ML models, APIs, or virtually anything else.

Hassle-free regulatory compliance

Ataccama ONE Gen2 makes compliance with regulatory requirements in various domains easier than ever. How? With built-in automation and flexible configuration.

Ataccama ONE Gen2 continuously scans systems and the data, and automatically detects data domains and assigns business terms without you needing to do anything. You can correct these assignments and link terms to data manually, and our AI will learn and apply these actions to other similar data. This lets you stay on top of data domains and accurately calculate metrics and reports.


Your enterprise data marketplace

A data marketplace is like a shop with your data. Our data catalog allows you to find the data and then work with it. And the checkout process is fully automated thanks to applied policies.

You can download data to a file, and work with it in BI tools or our desktop application for power users.

Sustainable data governance

Many data governance projects fail because of lack of resources to keep information up to date. Our catalog changes that by automating the tedious parts of data governance for a more sustainable solution.

Automated data quality monitoring

Ataccama ONE Gen2 lets you monitor data quality automatically on all levels. From attributes to entities, systems, and even aggregated by business term or data domain.


If you connect a new system to Ataccama ONE, our solution will understand what kind of data is inside and enable you to start monitoring data quality in a few clicks.

There are two approaches you can take.

The first is to let AI detect irregularities in data loads and report them to data stewards. The second is to configure the exact validation that you know your data must comply with. Of course, you can combine the two.

In Ataccama ONE, data quality is everywhere you want it to be: the data catalog, reference data, data lineage, business glossary, and master data management. This is the power of a unified platform.


Augmented, multi-domain MDM

With the release of Ataccama ONE Gen2, we have made several major upgrades to our MDM tool. Here is the overview:

Forget MDM style limitations

Ataccama ONE supports and combines all MDM styles, letting you manage and provide master data any way you want. Consolidate data from multiple sources, author and edit records in the MDM hub, and connect external data for a true 360 view.


AI-suggested matching proposals

AI will now assist you by suggesting new matching proposals in addition to the standard rule-based matching. The system is self-improving and learns from your feedback.

Matching Proposals

Stronger platform integration

Our MDM solution is now more tightly integrated with the data catalog and business glossary. With all the metadata available, MDM developers can speed up model development and data stewards will be able to make much more informed decisions about master data editing.

Cloud-native platform

Ataccama ONE Gen2 is built to be deployed anywhere and in a variety of styles, better than ever before. Below is a rundown of all ways in which you can deploy Ataccama ONE Gen2.

Platform as a service

We will install Ataccama ONE for you on AWS or Azure to make sure your solution is always up and running. We will handle monitoring, SLAs, guaranteed RPO/RTO, patching, and upgrades.


Hybrid and on-prem

If your apps run in the cloud, SaaS and PaaS, and on prem, you can set up hybrid environments with Ataccama ONE. It supports distributed environments and edge computing, so that you can process data without moving it anywhere.


Welcome to the new age

Ataccama ONE is the only platform where your data and metadata is managed in one place. We bring together a data catalog, data quality, master data management, and data governance into one unified, automated platform.

Welcome to the new age powered by intelligent automation.

Beta version available on demand with 6 months for free

The beta version of Ataccama ONE Gen2 is now available on demand to a limited number of customers. If you are interested, reach out to our sales team. Beta customers are entitled to 6 months of free use.

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