5 can't-miss sessions at Snowflake Summit 2024

5 Can't-miss sessions at Snowflake Summit 2024 Cover Image

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The Snowflake Summit 2024 is less than a week away. There will be 20+ speakers and several sessions over four days, covering various data-empowering topics, from industry leader advice to AI innovation.

Of course, all sessions will hold tangible value for Snowflake customers and anyone passionate about data. As a Snowflake partner (we'll be at booth #1333), here are a few of the event elements we are most excited about!

#1 AI's impact – a Snowflake perspective

As one of the leading data storage and analytics companies, Snowflake's leadership team offers a unique perspective on the rise of AI and what it will mean for companies in 2024. In the kickoff session of the Snowflake summit, their CEO, Sridhar Ramaswamy, will discuss AI's impact on the business world and how companies can adjust and position themselves to ride this wave of innovation – instead of getting washed away. Attend to learn how Snowflake is adapting to this new era, how they can help you, and what to expect for the future regarding AI.

#2 AI innovation and empowerment

AI has never been more essential to business opportunity and success than it is today. Join Snowflake and industry leaders for the Platform Keynote K2 (day 2 of the event) to discover how to harness the power of AI for your business. Learn how Snowflake's Data Cloud breaks down silos, helps develop and distribute modern apps, and securely empowers everyone with AI. With AI set to revolutionize industries, take advantage of this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and unlock your organization's full potential.

#3 Unleashing data excellence: Ataccama and Snowflake's unified AI powerhouse

Join Ataccama and Snowflake for an exclusive look at our partnership. Hear inspiring stories from joint customers about their data journeys, discover how our integrated products revolutionize data management, and learn how to accelerate your AI initiatives. Discover the future of data innovation via the cooperation between these two top-of-the-market tools. Seating is limited, so don't miss out!

#4 How Fiserv is building the banking and payments ecosystem on Snowflake

Join Fiserv representatives to discover how Snowflake helped them revolutionize their core banking system, transforming secure data sharing among banks, credit unions, and fintechs worldwide. Learn how Snowflake's architecture empowers Fiserv to modernize legacy technology, democratize data access, and unlock valuable insights for the financial industry.

#5 Snowflake Horizon for data governors and stewards

Snowflake Horizon has emerged as a critical solution for data governance. Join our product leaders to discover how Horizon empowers data governors and stewards with a unified understanding of data and ML assets, robust protection for sensitive information, and continuous monitoring for data health.

Visit us at booth #1333 to experience the power of high-quality data for Snowflake

We're proud to be a leading data management platform with over a decade of experience in AI-powered automation. Our platform aligns perfectly with the Snowflake Summit theme, offering innovative solutions for optimizing your data experience.

As a proud Premier Tier and Snowflake Horizon partner, Ataccama helps Snowflake customers optimize Snowflake to get the most out of their investment by enabling you to understand your data in Snowflake so you can be confident that it is accurate, reliable and up to date for use to make critical business decisions, increase efficiency of AI projects, and mitigate regulatory & security risks.

Visit booth #1333 for live demos of our product, including our powerful cooperative features within the Snowflake platform. Witness the efficiency of native pushdown processing for Data Quality in Snowflake and our ONE AI functionality within the Snowflake Data Cloud.

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