Data Quality & Observability for Snowflake

Be on top of your Snowflake data. Monitor data quality and detect business domains and PII without the extra work.

Understand your Snowflake data

Understand what data you store in Snowflake.

Automated data quality

Experience automated data quality monitoring with rule-based controls and AI.

Custom rules and controls

Define custom rules and controls for specific tables or domains.

Native integration with Snowflake

Leverage native integration with the Snowflake processing engine.

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Data quality platform of choice for Snowflake

Ataccama has partnered with Snowflake to ensure high quality, governed data for our joint customers. We are now serving 30+ organizations across the world in different industries.

Bluecross Blueshield of North Carolina
Farm Credit Services of America
Convex Insurance

You rely on your Snowflake data for reporting and analytics, but can you trust the data inside?

See the easiest way to monitor your Snowflake data

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Understand your data

Understand your Snowflake data

Let the automated data profiling uncover patterns, outlier values and missing values in your data and assign the data domains helping with understanding your data

Define custom rules and controls

Define custom rules and controls

Ensure your Snowflake data in specific tables is in good shape to be used for your new project, product, or app. Monitor comprehensive reports capturing how the quality changes in time.

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Continuous monitoring effortlessly with AI

Continuously observe data for anomalies with AI to immediately spot any sudden changes in your data, uncover broken data pipelines

Native integration

Make the best of data processing on Snowflake

We have invested into native integration with Snowflake to ensure the most efficient data processing, the fastest results, and smooth scaling.

Easily scale to other systems

Want to monitor on databases, data lakes, or cloud data apps? No problem. Reuse all configurations and onboard new systems.


The fastest, cheapest, and most secure data processing

We have created the first solution that processes data directly on Snowflake.

Unparalleled performance

Use your Snowflake workload for the best performance. Example: evaluate 150 million records with 50 data quality rules in 15 seconds.

Your data doesn’t leave Snowflake

No need to transfer data to external servers and services all processes run natively on your secured and governed Snowflake warehouse.

Brilliantly efficient

Use Snowflake’s scalable infrastructure to process data. No need to setup and manage new large data processing servers.

The most comprehensive data quality platform for Snowflake

Data classification

Understand exactly what types of data you store in your Snowflake warehouse.

Understand your Snowflake data

Anomaly detection

Get alerts about unexpected values and potential issues without configuring any rules: DQ, volume, schema

Anomaly detection

Data quality monitoring

Cherry pick the most important tables to check against a specific set of rules and get detailed regular reports.

Data quality monitoring and reporting

Data profiling

Get a quick data quality overview and understand the state of any column in any table

Data profiling

Central rule library

Create and reuse data quality from a single, collaborative, and governed environment.

Rule library

Standardization & cleansing

Standardize, cleanse, validate, enrich, and match data as your applications need. Easily move from configuration to testing and deployment.

Data standardization

See Data Observability for Snowflake in action

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See Data Observability for Snowflake in action See Data Observability for Snowflake in action