Success Story

French Retailer


A leading French retailer implemented an integrated MDM solution to direct data from multiple source systems to a single customer repository for cleansing and matching.

Business objective & project requirements

The retail company originally operated with a distributed data management system. Data from 17 source systems was pushed to a centralized database that served as their international customer repository, and was then cleansed on a monthly basis by a 3rd party company. During the cleansing operation, certain matching rules were applied before data was reentered to the repository. However, data history was erased in this process, and it became impossible for the retailer to measure the relevance of matched data.

The company therefore aimed to implement a fully integrated MDM solution that would funnel data from their 17 source systems to their data repository, and perform data cleansing and matching while preserving data history.

  • An integrated solution for workflows, data cleansing, and matching and merging operations. The company sought to perform all aspects of the solution in one place, with no need for distribution.
  • Data cleansing solution implementation, accomplished through a simple integration with a local, locally-based 3rd party tool.
  • High availability solution deployable in various modes, minimizing system downtime and allowing the system to operate safely on a continuous, daily basis.
  • Easy integration of more source systems in the future, both in batch and online modes.

Project phases

  1. Initial cooperation with this major retailer began with a successful, smaller DQ Project that opened the doors to full cooperation on a comprehensive MDM solution—where the DQ project could be reused in full.
  2. Mediation between source systems and centralized database: Our master data management solution implemented more sophisticated operations and ensured the smooth transfer of data between source systems and the centralized customer repository. At this stage, a 3rd party still performed matching and merging operations.
  3. Ataccama ONE replaced the 3rd party company to perform matching and merging with an integrated master data management solution. We migrated rules from the 3rd party in addition to establishing rules of our own.

Solution & benefits

Improved data understanding: Through better validations, better cleansing, and setting up improved matching and merging operations, we were able to find links in data not previously visible to our client. Our solution also opened a space for future householding projects, allowing the company to better leverage information about their customers and improve campaign targeting.

Reduced maintenance costs: Compared to the original solution, which was dependent on a distributed strategy and costly maintenance practices, Ataccama was able to implement a cost-saving, fully integrated MDM solution.

Fully documented and traceable solution: Prior to implementing our solution, changes to data were documented only in a vague way or not at all. We ensured that changes to data were trackable, that data could be traced to its origin, and that no information was lost in the transfer, cleansing, or matching process.