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Ataccama has opened a new downtown Toronto office, close to customers and talent for growing team

Toronto, Canada - January 26, 2017 – Ataccama Corporation, a leading provider of Data Quality, Master Data Management, and Big Data processing software, has opened new headquarters in a downtown Toronto office.

“Opening a new office on University Avenue, next to Union Station and the CN Tower, reflects the fact that we want to be as close as possible to our customers–including three of the ‘Big Five’ banks in Canada and several major retailers. We’re committed to providing them with superior software and services, and closer proximity will enable us to do that even better than before,” explained Ataccama CEO Michal Klaus.

The Gartner-awarded Ataccama team recently announced Ataccama ONE, an online data profiler that will gain functionality over the coming months. Ataccama One sets out to be a collaborative EIM platform that can analyze, process, manage, and monitor data. It will offer a complex data management solution for any data, any domain, any user, and any deployment.

Ataccama is growing rapidly to support Ataccama One and other development efforts. Afshin Lotfi, Ataccama VP for North America, concluded, “Our new city center location in Toronto will allow us to continue attracting top-level talent to our team, and to move forward with our ambitious development plans.”

About Ataccama

Ataccama Corporation combines data quality, master data management, and big data processing in a single EIM technology platform. Request a complimentary technology test drive to see the value of Ataccama for your business.

Press contact:
JoEllen Koester
+1 (905) 881-3066

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