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Master your key information assets

Is your customer or product data scattered across multiple systems? Does the absence of a single view of your data make your projects expensive and inaccurate? Create and manage a central repository of your key data assets to know your customer better, improve risk management, predict churn, detect fraud, implement accurate reporting and regulatory compliance (e.g., AML, BASEL, KYC, GDPR), and enhance security and data privacy.

Use Cases

Multi-Domain Mastering

Master your data domains (customer, supplier, product domains, reference data domain, and more). Consolidate multiple data views into one and store your golden records in a clean business data management application available to your whole organization. Take advantage of predefined business models and processes to accelerate the implementation of your solution.

Reference Data Management

Implement an RDM solution for a range of data challenges, including reference data scattered across multiple source systems and manually-managed Excel files. Centralize ownership, enforce business rules and data quality standards, and maintain consistent, valid, and available reference data across your entire enterprise in one place.

Data Integration & Synchronization

Publish changes in data to consuming systems in online mode, typically to an enterprise service bus or message-oriented middleware. ONE MDM operates in online (both synchronous and asynchronous), streaming (near real-time), batch and hybrid modes, supporting all integration requirements of these different deployment scenarios and ensuring full synchronization.

Data Stewardship & Authoring

Access a full-featured, web-based UI to review and manually influence the matching and golden record creation process, manage hierarchies, and assign and resolve data-related tasks. Out-of-the-box business process workflows include data authoring and data merging in centralized style, as well as match & merge overrides in consolidation/coexistence style.

More Use Cases

Analytical MDM on Data Lakes

The Ataccama ONE MDM back end can be deployed in both Hadoop and Spark environments, enabling big data consolidation directly within the big data environment, without the need to pull data out of the big data platform.

Householding, Aggregation, & Categorization

Leverage the information you have about your customers to improve campaign targeting. Accurately group and categorize similar entities, identify relationships between individuals within the same household, and use this knowledge to enhance the efficiency of your business processes.

Hierarchy Management

Hierarchy management is key to discovering relationships between your data assets. Use our visual hierarchy browser & manager to easily view, navigate, create, and maintain these relationships in your data (including complex, multi-level hierarchies, product trees, geographical hierarchies, party relationships and more) without limitations.

Master Domain Monitoring

Access business-relevant metadata for your consolidated domain in a neat dashboard. Keep your monitoring thorough with reporting overviews, detailed statistics, and lists of issues and irregularities. Audit any event or process across the solution in just a few clicks.

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Browsing, Searching & Filtering

Enjoy a business user-focused front end to search, browse, edit, and author master and reference data. Use filtering and search capabilities to narrow the list of data records within an entity. In addition to a simple filter, apply advanced filter criteria using logical operators and order by conditions.

Approval workflow

Multi-step and customizable approval workflow ensures correct business processes for manual data changes. The workflow also enables data stewards to mark records for further review and store them as drafts.

Data Quality, Data Validation & Enrichment

Data quality is an important and inseparable part of any successful master and reference data management project and can be provided in both batch and online modes, with the advantage that the logic can be shared in both modes, ensuring consistency. All data steward inputs are subject to validation, ensuring referential integrity and preventing discrepancies and duplicates.

Issue management

Users can manage the quality and consistency of the data they are responsible for through a single interface. Ataccama ONE MDM provides data stewards with a list of tasks and issues related to master records with errors, and suggests solutions such as matching proposals or correct values. All identified issues can be resolved directly from the interface, including match proposals, suspicious matches, and data quality issues.

Other Features

Model & Metadata-driven

The platform is configured via a configuration UI in a model-driven process. Data models, either imported or created in Ataccama ONE MDM, drive the configuration of the entire hub for both data processing and the UI. Models are fully configurable and customizable.

Integration, SOA & Messaging

Ataccama ONE MDM can seamlessly integrate with other Ataccama ONE modules. Integration with other source and consuming systems via batch interfaces (files, JDBC), online interfaces (HTTP, JMS), and messaging (JMS) is easy to configure. Ataccama ONE MDM can also read and write Hadoop files, and integrate with Stream (Kafka) and REST interfaces.


The Ataccama ONE MDM landing page provides a customized dashboard for each user. Data stewards can easily view previously created/resolved issues, notifications, and more. Data managers can see the overall DQ indicators and issue resolution statuses of the data domains for which they are responsible.

Comparison View

Open several similar records in comparison view, see their differences highlighted, and decide whether they should be merged. For full context, see related and instance records to make a decision.


All aspects of the record managing process are fully configurable, including the number of steps in the workflow, permissions, and actions to be performed. Different workflows can be used for different entities.


Enjoy full role-based security on the entity, column, and row level, with the option to leverage organizational structure to provide even stricter access control based on an employee’s role or department. Ataccama provides a Single Sign-On solution out of the box, and the modules can also leverage your existing LDAP solution.

History & Auditing

Maintain a history of all modifications made in the module, including creation, changes, and deletions. Audit functionality records information about who performed an action and when, along with which entity was affected.


Localization settings influence number and date formats as well as the user interface language. The default language is English, while French, German, and Russian languages are also available.

AI at Runtime

Artificial intelligence in Ataccama ONE is used for machine learning-based matching, cleansing and classification, active learning from user interactions (especially from issue resolution), and anomaly detection in data loads.

MDM style support

Any industry-specific solution, MDM data domain, usage scenario, or organizational structure-dependent deployment can be delivered in any MDM implementation style or combination of styles. The most typical combinations are centralized and consolidation, or centralized and coexistence styles.

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