New Ataccama ONE Platform Consolidates All Data Management and Governance Functions into a Single AI-Infused Platform


Toronto, Canada – November 16, 2020 – Ataccama, a leading provider of self-driving data management and governance solutions, today announced the second generation of its Ataccama ONE platform, which consolidates data quality, master data management, data catalog, data governance, data integration, and other data management capabilities into a single platform to maintain data integrity across organizations. Scheduled for general availability in February 2021, the unified solution enables unparalleled automation through an AI-powered self-driving capability. It removes the limitations of monotonous, time-intensive tasks while providing improved agility that businesses require to drive innovation, enhanced trust and security to ensure data governance, and more flexibility in where data resides including support for cloud and on-premises environments. 

Data teams today are working to react quickly to fast-changing business needs, but often, this speed comes at the cost of ensuring data security and governance or delaying critical data insights for line of business users. Furthermore, organizations are limited by historically time-intensive and expensive manual processes. Ataccama’s solution streamlines this process, spanning all critical areas of data management and governance for both data teams and line of business users. 

“The rapid push for digital transformation in today’s new normal makes it clear that data is every organization’s most strategic asset, but data is only as useful as the way you manage it,” said Michal Klaus, CEO of Ataccama. “Today companies are burdened with dozens of single-purpose data management tools, crushed by the monotonous task of moving data from one to the next and exposed to increasing risks to data security and integrity at every step. With the second generation of Ataccama ONE, organizations have a single platform that streamlines the entire data management and governance lifecycle and uses AI to learn and automate repetitive functions and prevent mistakes. It’s time for enterprises to benefit from self-driving data management and governance and see what they can really do when risk is reduced and talent is liberated.” 

Features and Benefits 

Ataccama’s second generation ONE platform offers organizations: 

  • A unified fabric: The disparate disciplines of data governance and data management including data quality, master data management, data catalog, and data processing are now woven into a single, truly unified fabric, stitched together by metadata. This allows enterprises to actively detect, enforce, track, and measure the effectiveness of their data and policies at an enterprise scale. By leveraging just one platform, organizations can start small and grow, using one part of the platform as needed but also being able to quickly add functionality over time without integrating entirely new products.
  • Self-driving data management at an enterprise scale: Unifying multiple data management disciplines enables ONE to be intelligent and highly automated, liberating organizations from routine, time-intensive tasks at scale – across the entire data ecosystem, all data pipelines, and environments. The platform leverages AI and machine learning to automate work and constantly learns from user interaction. ONE’s self-driving capability provides new levels of agility and empowers businesses to innovate at a speed like never before.
  • No boundaries for data: As companies drastically accelerate migrations to the cloud, the ONE platform removes boundaries on where data resides and can securely and efficiently process data across complex ecosystems not just in the cloud, but any combination of on-prem, multi-cloud, or hybrid environments. Ataccama provides visibility into data, its location, and its quality, allowing the data to be worked with from a central place. It offers peace of mind to organizations that the data is trusted, secure, and governed across all environments, regardless of where it resides.  

Industry Quotes

“Being able to securely manage large datasets, transform them into a privacy-enhanced asset, and create value from them is at the heart of what we do,” said Miroslav Umlauf, Chief Data Officer at Avast. “Ataccama’s ONE platform and self-driving capabilities allows our team to innovate, stay nimble in response to market changes, and truly unlock the power of data. This second generation platform will be critical for us in having a full and true integration across our data management and governance efforts, providing a path to continued innovation at a faster pace.” 

“The Information Economy hinges on high-quality data, and with so many new sources coming online, organizations must embrace automation in order to thrive,” said Eric Kavanagh, CEO of The Bloor Group. “Self-driving data management is the most effective means of doing this. A handful of companies are now pioneering this exciting, new space, and among them, we view Ataccama as the front-runner. With the beta version of Ataccama ONE Gen2, which uses machine learning to automate a host of data management functions, they're lighting the way to a future in which information workers can move beyond the tedium, opening the door to a new era of business innovation.”

New Freemium & Beta Offerings

With the second generation of ONE, Ataccama is also releasing an enriched freemium offering with two new free tools: Ataccama Data Prep, an add-on to Ataccama’s market-proven free data profiler, as well as a freemium version of their Data Catalog.

Ataccama is now offering a limited beta program for the Ataccama ONE Gen2 platform. Selected participants will receive six months for free. To learn more about Ataccama’s ONE Gen2 platform and its new features and capabilities, visit the website or tune in to the virtual product launch on November 16 at 11:00am ET / 4:00pm GMT, or on November 17 at 10:00am AEDT, and join a live Q&A with CEO Michal Klaus and the Ataccama team.

About Ataccama

Ataccama reinvents the way data is managed to create value on an enterprise scale. Unifying Data Governance, Data Quality, and Master Data Management into a single, AI-powered fabric across hybrid and Cloud environments, Ataccama gives your business and data teams the ability to innovate with unprecedented speed while maintaining trust, security, and governance of your data. Learn more at

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