Just Announced! Ataccama ONE Version 14: Learn What’s Coming

Version 14 Update

We’re pleased to announce the early access release of the next major version of the Ataccama ONE platform. With this release, we’re also unveiling new capabilities that reinforce our mission of providing end-to-end data management and enabling data democratization for enterprises around the globe. 

Here are the three major improvements we are releasing:

  1. An upgraded Ataccama ONE Data Catalog enhanced with greater capabilities for collaboration, compliance and data activation 
  2. A brand new Data Observability module built for enterprise use. 
  3. Native data processing on Snowflake for end-to-end data quality and observability.

Ataccama Data Catalog: a collaborative platform for data activation

The enhanced Ataccama ONE Data Catalog offers new features for enterprise-wide collaboration, asset sharing, governance, compliance and data activation while maintaining the market-leading, automated capabilities for data classification and data quality management for which Ataccama is known.

Improvements in the new version 14 release include: 

Collaboration Features: Includes configurable business workflows, comments, tasks and team inbox.

Revamped Permission Model: Supports both the Curated and Federated Data Governance models, now better supporting decentralized approaches such as the Data Mesh.

Manage Access

Report Catalog: Allows enterprises to create a single place to index and document reports from various sources. The feature now supports Ataccama's Data Stories, with support for Power BI, Tableau and other tools coming later in 2023.

Report Catalog

Visual Data Explorer: A new feature that allows users to quickly and effortlessly explore data and create data visualizations and custom metrics directly within the data catalog.

Visual Data Explorer

Data Provisioning & Exports: Allows users to export and synchronize data assets from the catalog to external databases.

ONE Data: A new module that enables users to collaborate and create managed data sets and reference data directly from the catalog, with built-in validation and governance.

We are set to democratize data quality management with our new Data Observability offering

We’ve built on our data quality expertise and data discovery automation capabilities to produce our brand new Data Observability offering. It allows system owners, data engineers and data stewards to monitor entire data systems with minimal configuration and AI-powered and metadata-driven data quality management features.

Data Observability System Dashboard

The great news is that it is now available as a standalone SaaS solution at portal.ataccama.com as well as as part of the Ataccama ONE platform. You can now register for a free trial and click through the the read-only demo instance.

With this release, we are bringing our customers even more versatility in our platform, enabling users to use data effortlessly and productively on a daily basis. It’s an important step to supporting our mission for data-driven innovation and data democratization.”

Martin Zahumensky

Learn more about data observability:

End-to-end data quality and observability for Snowflake

The version 14 release brings to market the first Enterprise Data Quality and Observability solution engineered to use the Snowflake workload via native processing through Snowpark. We utilize Snowpark to execute data profiling, data quality checks and data observability jobs natively in Snowflake, providing significant performance benefits and eliminating the need to move data out of Snowflake.

The version 14 release also includes ONE Portal, the new cloud gateway for Ataccama users that provides fully self-service access to their products. As we’ve mentioned above, Data Observability is already available through ONE Portal, with more platform modules coming in the future.

Learn more about our Snowflake partnership.

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