Ataccama and MANTA Announce Partnership for Comprehensive Data Management with Lineage


Toronto, Canada and New York, NY, December 10, 2019Ataccama Corporation, a leading provider of AI-augmented data management solutions for digital transformation, has announced a partnership with MANTA, a unified lineage platform.

“MANTA is our go-to vendor for data lineage,” stated Ataccama CEO Michal Klaus. “With this partnership, we have enriched our offering and added a crucial piece of data management functionality. MANTA enhances our augmented data management capabilities by providing our clients with a truly enterprise-wide picture of their data flows.”

The companies share a vision for self-service data management and an ecosystem of seamlessly integrated tools. The technical compatibility and tight integration of Ataccama ONE and MANTA means that Ataccama clients are able to start using MANTA’s data lineage solution to better understand their data flows without experiencing disruption. Moreover, when MANTA’s data lineage clients are ready to move into other data management domains such as data quality or master data management, they can do so with the assurance that MANTA has a trusted partner included in the Gartner Magic Quadrants for those markets.

“I am thrilled about this cooperation,” said Tomas Kratky, CEO of MANTA. “The understanding and efficient management of complex dependencies in an organization’s data environment are crucial for implementing successful data management practices. It’s the gateway to boosting productivity and better risk management within all major data management practices, including data privacy, information security, data quality, data governance, and regulatory compliance. Ataccama has exceptional expertise in data management and curation, so integrating lineage there will bring added value for current and future clients on both sides of the partnership.”

About Ataccama

Ataccama delivers augmented data management with Ataccama ONE. It’s a robust, AI-powered platform integrating Data Discovery & Profiling, Metadata Management & Data Catalog, Data Quality Management, Master & Reference Data Management, and Big Data Processing & Data Integration. Ataccama ONE gives you the option to start with what you need and seamlessly extend as your business requires. The first step is free—try our one-click data profiling trusted by 55,000 users globally at

About MANTA: A Unified Lineage Platform

MANTA is the core of all dataflows in the organization, and with its lineage capabilities, it enables digital transformation. The self-service platform demonstrates the data journey in a way that is clear and easily understandable to those at all levels of the organization. MANTA lineage delivers actionable intelligence to boost governance efforts, accelerate development, shorten time-to-market, speed up the modernization process, ensure data quality, and enforce data security. Learn more at