Ataccama Advances Data Observability and Processing with Snowflake Data Cloud for Joint Customers 

Ataccama Snowflake Partnership Announcement

Data Observability Module Provides Insights into the Health of Data Systems and Pushdown Processing to Deliver Unparalleled Performance

TORONTO, February 07, 2023Ataccama, a leading unified data management platform provider, announced today it has deepened the integration of its Ataccama ONE platform with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to provide data observability functionality and pushdown processing to joint customers. Data is processed directly on Snowflake’s single, integrated platform, delivering faster, lower cost and more secure results.

“With the release of the latest version of the Ataccama ONE platform, we are bringing all Ataccama data quality functionalities, including rule evaluation, DQ monitoring, profiling, and more to Snowflake customers. Ataccama has long been able to process data from Snowflake with our processing engine, and we are excited about the improved user experience that our new pushdown functionality provides. Snowflake processing tends to be frequent and high load, and doing the processing directly on Snowflake saves precious time,” said Martin Zahumensky, Chief Product Technology Officer at Ataccama. “Advancing our partnership with Snowflake to deliver a data quality solution was a natural next step in our mission to enable people in organizations to do great things by providing governed, trustworthy, and instantly useful data.”

The expanded Snowflake integration leverages Snowpark, Snowflake’s developer framework, to natively process custom functions used for data profiling and quality checks. Processing data directly within Snowflake brings reliable performance, such as the ability to evaluate 150 million records with 50 data quality rules in 15 seconds. Without needing to transfer data to external servers and services, customers pay less in data transfer costs, reduce the need to maintain external systems, can receive results faster, and enjoy an added layer of security because data never leaves Snowflake.

“Ataccama’s new data quality offering for Snowflake demonstrates their commitment to helping us mobilize the world’s data, bringing data quality pushdown and data observability directly to joint customers,” said Torsten Grabs, Director of Product Management, Snowflake. “By using Snowpark to run data quality and profiling natively in Snowflake, our joint customers can extend the security and governance benefits of the Snowflake platform throughout the data product lifecycle. We look forward to driving deeper value for Snowflake’s Data Cloud ecosystem by partnering with Ataccama to increase productivity, and provide developers with the tools they need to build with confidence.”

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